Thursday, October 18, 2007


How long do the scars last,
How happy can the hurts be,
How sweet the dried up drops in eyes,
How far can blinded eyes see;

How long does an epoch last,
How happy the hedonistic hell can be,
How sweet the naked spices on the tongue,
How far these legs will take thee;

How long does orchestrated cacophony last,
How happy the haunted hearts can be,
How sweet the scent of rotten flowers,
How far this mind is going to be;

How long the lumpen faith can last,
How happy the humble sins can be,
How sweet the scalding contrition,
How far the prayer will follow thee?


Aditi said...

how far indeed.. well written

Mirage said...


A series of unanswered questions... isn't it too much to ask for?

starry said...

I think everything depends on you and for how long you want tit and want to endure it.In the end only you can answer these questions.

Anonymous said...

How is the mood like in which this poem has been written?

oceanic mirages said...

Aditi: hmmmm, thanx...

Mirage: yes its too much but thats y they are rhetoric qustns to be precise sweetie...

Starry nights: no i dont want to answer these qustns, at times its good to live with qustns themselves, isnt it?

Anon: i dnt think "U" know the kind of mood i was in, y ask?.

Anonymous said...

Would be queens do not use sms lingua in a writers blog. If you are striving to be a writer, consider trashing it completely from your system.

Stop using it, not even in comment section.

As a queen I should ban sms lingua.

Anonymous said...

"Anon: i dnt think "U" know the kind of mood i was in, y ask?."

I think anyone following your blog sincerely gets some idea. And generally people ask a question to get to know something that they don't know already, so that is the reason I asked :)

It is up to you whether you want to reply or not. It is just that I was feeling a little bad since your blog posts disappeared almost immediately after I complimented you on your regularity.

Keshi said...


And hey WB! :)


Impressionist said...

so many questions?
but no answers! :P
hehe! nicely written.
Wish someone answered those!

peace & love

dwaipayan said...

subho bijoya... and dcarry on sweetheart.. u are as good as ever..

Keshi said...

great expression!


Anonymous said...

Great poem and a great blog. would come for more :)

How do we know said...

forever, perhaps, or not at all, or anywhere in between..


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