Thursday, October 26, 2006


Subah subah jab uth kar

Aankhe masal rahi hoti hun,

To aankh se teri yaad ka aansu

Mere hothon tak aata hai,

Vo ek namkeen boond

Meri har nas me ghul kar

Mere vajood ko tujhse sarabore kar leti hai,

Aur har pal, har lamha, har chehre me

Tujhko dhoondti ye aankhe...

Aaiene ke saamne ja kar

Mehsoos karti hain,

Tere ehsaas ko.

Jis-se ab tak meri gaal surkh hai,

Palak sharm se vahin jhuki hui hai,

Jab hum saath the.

Toota hua jhumka

Vaise hi latakta hai tedha, Aaj bhi...

Isi intzaar me...

Ki jo bikhra hua hai

Use hum mil ke swaarenge!!!

Kab aaoge tum......

Aaj subah!!!

Aaj simat k aayi teri yaad...

meri khidki k bahar,

dhund ki chaader pehne,

Aaj thehri hui hawa ne,

fir se,

Meri adhkhuli aankhon me,

Zindagi bhar di...

The thursday morning 19-10-2006;

Aaj fir rote dekha raat ko;

Chaand fir ja raha tha...

Raat aankho me kaat kar,

Bhigo kar daaman thandi aahon se;

Aakhiri boond ki chamak se

Subah ko paat kar...

Aaj fir rote dekha raat ko,

Bin mausam raat 4 baje...

Fir baarish ho rahi thi...

I was awke the whole night and i could hear the night lament.....
May be m mad...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thanks students!!!

Aaj bohat din baad rang bohat haseen lage,
Aaj bohat din baad aankho ki chamak se,
Andheron ko roshan hote hue dekha,
Aaj bohat din baad puri zindagi k liye nahi,
Kuch palon k liye yaad kiya khuda ko,
Aaj fir laga ki khushi palon me hai,
Puri zindagi me nahi.

In celebration of the "MOMENT"...

Well a lesson well learnt of living the moment and feel happy...

Ek aur Subah!!!

Subah aankh khuli to aaj fir
Mehek raha tha mera bistar
Teri yaaden jo sirhane rakh ke soyi thi mai
Khidki se bahar
Dhalte chaand ke saath
Fir ja raha tha tu aaj...

Name it for me...

Since morning i was trying hard...
To locate a lost key;
I so wanted to reach that mountain,
From where I could touch the sea;

I looked in my books,
I looked under my bed;
Forgotten memories line up the lanes...
Through these very threads;

The room is closed...
I had put the lock;
The molten feelings inside my heart...
Are harder than the rock;

I wanted to break it,
Move in once again...
Where the ashes lie burning...
In the silent simmering rain;

The lock unrelenting...
The key lost and forgotten;
I sufocating outside from the fears,
That lay inside burned and rotten;

Looking for the hammer...
I had to break it;
The long forgotten flawless desire,
Ready to overtake seat...

The blow...One faint crack,
Slowly a knife slicing me into two...
The mirror images irreducable,
Dead,Alive and true...

The lock finally breaks,
My desire unbolts the door...
The gushing smoke charrs my being,
And mirror faultlessly remains clear and pure!!!

Room seems so empty except,
The dust bed enough to make my grave;
But the webs running through ceiling to floor...
Have kept entangled me as a slave;

I'll be drowned in the dust I know...
The room will be closed again;
The webs will disappear with my soul,
And before I burn in the rain...

I'll smile for one last time...
Looking at the Open door...
Though the sea has become dust,
And fumes have become the shore...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanx papa!!!!!

You have made me cry, you have made me smile;
You gave me the reasons for thinking all the while;

I questioned you and I questioned myself;
No matter how independent I am, I have looked up to you for help;

You have made my heaviest moments go by, ringing the chimes;
When all I did was banging my head, you made me realize the beauty of rhymes;

You took away all but you gave me all;
Helped me rise again though you were the reason for my fall;

Hey DAD, Just be there:


The Morning Blues...

Sleeping late at night,
Getting up later than I should have,
Cribbing over the fact that I am a fool,
Getting ready in a haste,
Skipping breakfast,
Gulp down tea which burns my tongue,
Get into the overcrowded bus,
Watching the bodies hang from the door,
Like useless old flags:
The stench rising inside the bus,
Through the eyes and the fingers:
Reaching a little late to my destination,
And then reminded of the fact
That though I had sealed my lips,
I was shouting all the while,
At nobody and just about everybody,
On people and things alike;
The barier of conciousness leaped over,
And here I am saying SORRY:
TO all of them...

8.20 a.m

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sitting by the road side...

Behte palon pe mere there hue kadam
Kya vapis ja payenge kabhi.....
Us "AAJ" tak, jo..
Jo mera "KAL" hoga...
Kal palat k apne "AAJ" ko ja dekhungi mai,
Jo beh raha hai "PAL"...
Mera Hamsafar hoga......

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...