Sunday, July 01, 2007


Dekha aaina gaur se kai baar humne,
Khud se hum rubaru na hue;
Tamaasha-e-yaar hua mehfil me janib,
Tamaashbeen par beaabru na hue;
Hamari fairist me kai dost the,
Jo sab hue par dost na hue;
Jam saja kar mehfil me saki,
Saath Hamare shaamil na hue;
Jagaya raat bhar chaand taaron ki justuju ne,
Seher ke khwab bhi sahare na hue;
Wo saamne hain humare baithe kiye shikwa,
Ilzaam humpar, jo humare na hue;
Gila utar raha hai nus nus me nasha bun kar,
Piye aansu humne paimaane na hue;
Thama hawaon ko hi khamosh raahgeer jaan kar,
Toofan me hijr ke, kinare na hue;
Fir usi veeran mehfil ke, dar pe hain baithe,
Khali maikhane se aane ke ishare na hue;
Bikhar rahe hain alfaaz, ibaadat ke yun hi,
Hum is roshan khudaai ko gawaara na hue.


Dream Catcher said...

hmmm I take a step back..with a leg behind n a leg fwd i bent n bow to u ur highness..!!!!!!

now more u make me feel the coincidence part buddy...
"coincidences " are scary n illusionary as i say...but isme bhi ek nasha hai...

u r jst fantabulous...I guess m finding lot of questions being repeated that i asked myself for long...


Aditi said...


Keshi said...

dun u'stand :(


Shruti said...

wah waah wah waaah wah waah...

Cuckoo said...

Excellent !!

"Hamari fairist me kai dost the,
Jo sab hue par dost na hue;" Wah !! Bahut khoob.

Sometime back I had also written something on similar lines but never posted it.

I can see, you've blogrolled me, thanks a lot.

One question that I always wanted to ask you.. Why this comment moderation is enabled? Is there any special reason?

I mean many ppl come to my blog but I have kept it open even for anons. Only once I had to block the anons but again after 2/3 days I opened it. Just curious. Spam/abuse/offensive comments ?

Cuckoo said...

And you two looking awesome !! Just hang in there. :)

Random said...

thats one hell of a ghazal. absolutely astounding

deepti said...

Dreamcatcher: hmmm, coincidences r like echoes in your mind, n thanks for helping me climb the jhaad. :-)
Aditi: thanx madame.
Keshi: will try to get u a translation asap.
Shruti: Adaab arz hai.
Cuckoo: your reading is my pleasure madame n the pic ka credit goes to Adi, not me.Its one of my fav :-)
Random: Shukriya huzur...kaise mijaaz hain?

Keshi said...

ty :) but dun worry if it's too hard.


Sugarlips said...

Dee, after such a long time I've read a nice urdu Ghazal :)

You amaze me everytime :)
Lots of love and hugs to both of you.

Cute cute cute pic, waisay I already mentioned on Adi's blog :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Neo said...

i usually dnt like hindi poetry but i will make an exception here...bful!!!

Pankaj Gupta said...

Hamari fairist me kai dost the,
Jo sab hue par dost na hue;
Jam saja kar mehfil me saki,
Saath Hamare shaamil na hue...
wah wah kya baat hai DEEPTI..tu to international Shayri karte hai are you..hope you r rockng..pic is really grt..whos tht..ur brother?..nice.take care.GOD bless YOU.bye.

Dream Catcher said...

yeaqh echoes right..sometime they become nauseating...well i didn't men in this case :)

our writing is so coincident..but lives not..:)

Anonymous said...

as usual you floor me with the work you write in hindi...and this ma'am...absolutely brilliant...i agree with adi. stuns the senses, and thrills the mind.lovely work sweetheart.

deepti said...

vebhuti: thanx.
Pankaj: i can kill u for this i swear...
\Nahal: m honoured sweetheart :-)hw r u?
Neo: thanx buddy.

Dream Catcher said...

i know u i guess..more than we as I say.."in the picture realm" different..perhaps..ha ha..

adi said...

actually, i should not have comment ed on this...

have i the words to eulogise the beauty of it all, and more so, when i know the pain, have i the right to say anything... right i might have, ok, but the words, where do i find the words...and then the age old question... why?

all i can do is to sit back and live these... and understand how blessed i am... and try to do what i've set out for...

"Bikhar rahe hain alfaaz, ibaadat ke yun hi" ur words will have to do here

Pankaj Gupta said...

oh--wt i did this time...?????ummmmmmmmmmmmm well i think i am gona be shifted to you..ha ha..

Rajeev said...

i dont understand Hindi!

Neo said...

wow! i have never actually read such sophsticated lines..

truly, woW.


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