Sunday, July 15, 2007

Arjuna's conscience

Line by line the mortal pearls
Are grinded to dust,
While safely kept in the closet.
And when adorned,
By the saints frail,
Shine like the rusted nails.

They are not my creations,
Mere reflections,
On the assorted suspensions.
Disintegrating by and by,
Leaving behind vulnerable voids.

And here I am, their curator,
Trying to preserve,
With potions and paints,
Keep them alive,
Until I faint;
An alarm I am, with them I stay,
Lest the devil take them away,
Take me away…

While fighting this fierce battle, I pray,
O! Krishna guide me.
Against myself this battle is mine,
Suspended in truth, suspended in time.

Eyes have forgotten the tears,
Awry smiles in mind somewhere,
Beyond lies my battlefield,
O! Krishna come to my shield
Let me not forsake myself
Long before I cease to be.


Random said...

Against myself this battle is mine,
Suspended in truth, suspended in time

that is a beautiful verse.

Random said...

btw..nice blog template. did u make it urself?

Aditi said...

hmmm quite an interesting view on it... and well written as always

meet_me said...

hmmm beautiful!
god bless u... n everyone...

Dream Catcher said...

though it is connected to a religious phenomenon ..its more than that isn't it..

a restlessness underneath n a cry ..a prayer

deepti said...

Random: thanx buddy, well the template is courtsey Adi, honestly speaking i havent done anything apart from posting poems on it. :)

Aditi: thanks aditi...

payal: trust me its not beautiful.

Dreamcatcher: it has to be more than just the religious episode but ummmmmmm, restlessness...... if u relate it with the whole burden of choice, the whole idea of creating a balnce between heart and mind, the whole process of reconciling to the fact that nothing comes for free...yes that restlessness is there, but more than restlessness its the non very nonacceptence of the fact that we have to make a choice n the advice that we seek to resolve the conflicts, the ignorance that hurts with the person just being aware of a pain somewhere.
Prayer no,i wont call it a prayer.

Keshi said...

my mum always tells me this story....


Rajeev said...

I loved the last 5 lines! :)
great as always! :)

peace & love

Neo said...

has deep meaning down there...nice read...

Sugarlips said...

Last stanza is my fav :)

Love your new template...Pretty red petals and Adi looks dashing mashAllah :)

Hugs and love to both of you :)
We are doing great, just summer is keeping us bz :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

dharmabum said...

its never easy is it, to make what we think will be the 'right' choice? or even the idea that life is all about making choices, in the first place?

LOVE this verse, more so coz i like the gita and this is a wonderful take on it.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Quite a spiritual post. Great, coming from someone as young as you(n me :))....Me fine, Deepti. Howz u keepin ? ur poetry is good....especially what I made from this poem and the previous one. This one has purpose. I hope prose will follow soon.

adi said...

gandeev utha, pratyancha taan/
ksheen si tankar kar/
sun goonj iski, ashru ponch/
aahlad kar, sinhnaad kar/
garaj kar, tu baras kar/
yudh ka aahwahan kar/
tu agni sam/
dhara daideepyamaan kar/
tu aage badh, tu pran har/
ghor mahasangram kar/
khud baan ba/
lakshya ka, samman kar, sandhan kar/
tu karm kar, nishkaam kar/
deh ka nirvaan kar/
main hi tera, ek dhyey hoon/
ye maan kar, prasthan kar

I am Sorry!

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