Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Kori kalpana par bkhra gulaal ho tum;

Aashaon ka khilta sunehra gulaab ho tum;

Behte sagar me naye badal ka aakaar ho tum;

Sapno par aaya, naveen nikhar ho tum;

Darpan se jhaankte mere pratibimb ka saar ho tum;

Payal se jude ghungruon ki jhankaar ho tum;

Aanchal par kaadha gaya resham ka taar ho tum;

Chere par damakta mera solanh sringaar ho tum...

Friday, January 26, 2007


Shayari me tera khayal bankar,
Tanhai me teri yaad bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai mehfil me,
Hothon par tera naam bankar;

Subah ki alsayi angdai bankar,
Khwaab ki sawnarti rubaii bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai seher me,
Mere labon pe teri khwaish bankar;

Basant me phoolon pe bahaar ban kar,
Pehli baarish ki thandi fuhaar bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai aanho me,
Amaavas me poonam ka chaand bankar...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Something dead is living inside...

The smog hangs down from the grey sky,
The sun, a captive of waterless clouds,
The green all black streching,
Their formless arms, Embracing anonymity,
The cold heaves from the numb bodies,
Melting down the path in front,
Leaving behind dead shadows;
Its time to go to work;
And recreate,
What was pulled apart,
The plans all ready,
The dried and dyed reality is streched,
And the needles of manipulation,
Sew the cloak well,
It feels warm inside the cloak,
A warmth that spreads in the body,
Vapourising it slowly,
And what's left is remenants of wet ash,
Something that sighs unheard,
A stone that beats against pulsating life,
The particles move about,
Reworking the strings,
Of minutes all happy,
Of hours all sad,
The frozen time is where I reside,
With something dead thats living inside...

Mind; In search of a new Kohinoor!

Taking a metal wire,

I started forming,

Concentric loops,

Circles that merged,

Dangling away,

The morbidity of stagnation;

Loops, coated afresh with thoughts,

Takes off,

To unknown territories,

Lifting me high up from the ground,

But holds something back,

In the various interlocks;

Time and again,

The very height becomes an abyss;

And I am back to where I was,

The coarse ore,

But I feel at home...

Mining throygh sands,

In search of, A new Kohinoor...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sapno ki chikni mitti ko,
Chaak par rakh kar,
Kumhaar dheere dheere,
Deta hai aakaar,
Umeedon ko;
Jinhe vishwaas ki aanch me,
Tapaa kar,
Banaata hai mazboot;
Fir uspar rang chadhaata hai,
Pyar ka;
Aur le jata hai,
Duniya k bazaar me;
Zindagi ki lau se roshan karta,
Har lamhe ko dheere dheere...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

India shining(III)

I am back with the India shining...Here it goes.

Sparkling when the spot light,
Falls on those few drops,
Which still are waiting to dry up,
On the dry parched cheeks,
Making themselves comfortable,
Under the hollow of the eyes,
Hiding beneath the dark circles,
Of pain, age and time,
Picking food from the garbage pile,
Hungry eyes wandering,
Through the maze of people,
Gazing deeply into the crevices,
Where the moss grows,
Searching for a trickle of water,
That might wash away the grime and dirt,
Clinging to the throat, body
The heart and soul...
Behind the curtains,
Where the delicate dreams,
Are bought and sold,
The carnal pleasures drawn out,
The innocence weeded out,
To let the earth bear practical fruits,
The dead light in the morning eyes,
The cold blanket of the night skies,
Still shimmer in the spot light,
When it falls on those few drops,
Which trickle out once a while,
smiling and dying...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ek aur khoobsurat raat...

Aadhi raat tak table lamp ki roshni me,
Alfaaz bina kuch kahe,
Kaagaz par sajte rahe...
Kaafi der tak yun hi dekha...
Bheege hue Alfaazon ko,
Aur faili hui syaahi me...
Har ek yaad kitni khoobsurat thi...
Aadhi raat k baad kuch der,
Tak Taki lagaye dekha,
Us matmaile chaand ko,
Jo aadha chipa kahin likh raha tha gazal raat k liye,
Taaron k daaman me bandhi ye chaandni,
Bikhar rahi thi meri balcony me tera naam ban kar,
Ye chaandni bhi khoobsurat thi...
Vapis table lamp kii roshni me,
Maine fir bune kuch shabd...
Jo kaagaz par sirf tera naam ban kar aaye,
Chaand ki vo gazal jo chaandni gungunaye,
Mere band kamre ki chaar deewaron me,
Haule se ye raat muskuraye,
Hothon par us aansu ko sajaye,
Aankh se jo tera ehsaas ban kar aaye...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Helpless 2/Expression/

Strangled; The Expression,
Clutches on wire:
Of self created mesh,
The ends held ;
By fear and distrust.
Death melting into ,
Wrapping the collection of bones and muscles,
Set in the chameleonic skin,
With blisters oozing out ,
Dead thoughts.
And a mask called life,
Fixed on the faceless Face...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Helpless!!!!! (1)/Tears/

Another series for all the people who patiently read whatever I say. I dont know but there are times during the day when I feel completely helpless, n the worst part being that my strength becomes my weakness, its momentary though. Through this series all m doing is confessing those moments where a particular strength fails to support me n m rendered defenceless. I wonder if anyone of you felt the same thing.......
But yes in the end you will definately find a flicker of hope or sumthing one can look forward to...There is no sequence to this series, its just a form of confession of where i lost my self followed by recollection of the moments after a little while...So here it is..

The tears trickle down into the glass,
Memories making the drink,
Intoxicating than ever;
I drink all the distance;
Raising the glass to love;
Celebrating the night;
With my love beside...

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...