Friday, January 05, 2007

Helpless 2/Expression/

Strangled; The Expression,
Clutches on wire:
Of self created mesh,
The ends held ;
By fear and distrust.
Death melting into ,
Wrapping the collection of bones and muscles,
Set in the chameleonic skin,
With blisters oozing out ,
Dead thoughts.
And a mask called life,
Fixed on the faceless Face...


Anonymous said...

ur w

deepti said...

Anon 1: Insanity...

Sugarlips said...

Himmat dost himmat :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...