Saturday, January 20, 2007

Something dead is living inside...

The smog hangs down from the grey sky,
The sun, a captive of waterless clouds,
The green all black streching,
Their formless arms, Embracing anonymity,
The cold heaves from the numb bodies,
Melting down the path in front,
Leaving behind dead shadows;
Its time to go to work;
And recreate,
What was pulled apart,
The plans all ready,
The dried and dyed reality is streched,
And the needles of manipulation,
Sew the cloak well,
It feels warm inside the cloak,
A warmth that spreads in the body,
Vapourising it slowly,
And what's left is remenants of wet ash,
Something that sighs unheard,
A stone that beats against pulsating life,
The particles move about,
Reworking the strings,
Of minutes all happy,
Of hours all sad,
The frozen time is where I reside,
With something dead thats living inside...


Sugarlips said...

Deepti Dear,

What happened? I hope things are
on mend at your end...Lots of love...good luck & best wishes from my end sweetheart :)


Stay Beautiful...!!

shammu... said...

heyy there!!
wonderful poems!

and thse are my fav lines,

"The particles move about,
Reworking the strings,
Of minutes all happy,
Of hours all sad,"

Take care!!

Sophie said...

"something that sighs unheard"

such a pretty whisper of a line-

truly have a gift
with words - and love of course:)

Aditi said...

I like this one.. i can identify with it

deepti said...

Sugarlips: Nothing happened, my system wasnt working properly, had to get everything out. N hey, thanx a tn 4 all the love.. luv u too.
Shammu: Thanx a lot. Welcme to the world of madness...
Sophie: Yes u r rt, the words flow through the love that has filled my existance...n with ur wishes i guess, lifes gonna be beautiful...
Aditi: Hmmm, i guess theres something that all of us can identify wth, Life, Lived through a series of deaths every day...

I am Sorry!

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