Monday, January 01, 2007

Helpless!!!!! (1)/Tears/

Another series for all the people who patiently read whatever I say. I dont know but there are times during the day when I feel completely helpless, n the worst part being that my strength becomes my weakness, its momentary though. Through this series all m doing is confessing those moments where a particular strength fails to support me n m rendered defenceless. I wonder if anyone of you felt the same thing.......
But yes in the end you will definately find a flicker of hope or sumthing one can look forward to...There is no sequence to this series, its just a form of confession of where i lost my self followed by recollection of the moments after a little while...So here it is..

The tears trickle down into the glass,
Memories making the drink,
Intoxicating than ever;
I drink all the distance;
Raising the glass to love;
Celebrating the night;
With my love beside...


Sugarlips said...

Deepti dear!!
We all feel the same way
when we are away from our
love...I know These are the
tears of love & joy :)
"Memories making the dink" this is beautiful :)
Mai duwa karti hoon yeh faslay kum hou jain takay app hamesha muskurati rahoo :)
Lots of love...hugs & smiles!!

Stay Beautiful...!!

Nabeel said...

you shouldn't feel helpless .. why because i have seen people who are helpless and trust me they are to its truest meaning. Thank God always for your health and freedom and your family. Helpless is a strong word sweetheart .. so be happy for what you have .. and for what you have been saved from (there are so many things that can happen to one) ...

The tears should come out while praying with sincerity ..

Sujit said...

it does happen..! where one's strength becomes weakness..! hope now you back into action!..

sophie said...

This was saturated with
a comforting love to help
fill up the ache welling
deep within and that in itself
is a lovely silver lining.

i loved
"i drink all the distance
raising the glass to love"

:) i shall be doing the same


endevourme said...

sniff sniff....
dont cry ;D!

adi said...

and that's a big promise love makes
if only love is there
tears taste sweet too

Aditi said...

Pretty well written... i could visualise it.. makes sense when ppl get intoxicated its usually their emotions they are getting drunk on

Nabeel said...

poorana comment to approve ker do bhai

deepti said...

Sugarlips: thanx a lot for that comforting hug n sweet smiles...luv u too.
Nabeel: Point taken my lord...
Sujit: hi, welcum to mirage, n yes m back in action
Sophie: Thanx for that hug, the feel is comforting with love around.I hope that u dont have to drink the distance.
Endevourme: M not n thanx
Adi: I agree...
Aditi: hmmm, u r right...

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