Saturday, May 26, 2007


Kabhi kabhi kagaz par
Yun hi
Bikhar jate hain
Kuch adhure, toote foote,
Lakiron se kaate hue,
Syahi ke rang k peeche se, Jhaankte,
Kuch zang lage, kuch maile
Kuch ghise hue,
Kuch khurdare, kuch gale hue,
Pareshan karte hain…
Chhu bhi nahi paate,
Teri yaad k ehsaas ko,
Fir aakhir me bus,
Tera naam likhti hun,
Aur simat k puri duniya meri,
Us ek shabd me,
Nikhar jati hai…
Khilkhila uthti hai…
Aur fir se Ji uthte hain,
Mere shabd…


Keshi said...

:( I dun u'stand this.


Rajeev said...

Im really bad at hindi! :((

peace & love

Prashant said...

Nice compo dear........
i was here only but i didnt get time to write because i am not good at time management.....
So howz life going????????

Pankaj Gupta said...

hmmm tremendous..i can think that a GIRL can write deepti you have passed...i really liked it and appreciate YOU..
Kuch khurdare, kuch gale hue,
Pareshan karte hain…
cool hmm.

kya yaar Deepti..i am not a MALE all(let me gv you a test..ask a Que.)..ha ha..hope you enjoy coming here..thnx

Niraj said...

Hi deepti...well very touching lines...hope you don't have to face so much in your real life and you never need to write that name on the paper but it gets engraved in your heart!!!

Dream Catcher said...

too good!!

kuch bikhare shabd yu hi awaaz dete hai...
aaina hai aapki hasarto ka..hame chu ke chale jaate hai..

beautifully written..loved it :)

Dream Catcher said...

hope u wont mind...blogrolled ya

Arti Honrao said...

Shabd! Kabhi kabhi mujhe bhi pareshaan karte hain :)

Nice poem :)


Sugarlips said...

Kora kaghaz yeh man mera
Likh diya naam uss pai tera :)

Mai ti duwa hai tum hamesha khilkhilao..Muskurao :)

P.S: We went to Kentucky, had so much fun :)

deepti said...

Here keshi...
Have tried to translate it for you...

Sometimes on paper,
They scatter,
Half built,half broken,
Cut by lines.
Peeping from behind the colour of the ink,
Slightly rusted, slightly soiled,
Slightly worn out,
Slightly coarse, slightly squashed
They trouble me,
They don’t even touch,
The beautiful feeling of your memories,
In the end,
I write your name.
My universe is rolled,
In that one word,
Is beautified,
It innocently smiles,
And slowly revive,
My words.

deepti said...

Rejeev: nw it would be easy.
Prashant: thank u, life is fine...even M bad at time management.
Pankaj: Reh dijiye aapne, thanx for u liked the poem but {a GIRL can write this}...vat does it prooves?????????? ;-)
niraj: thanx.
Dreamcatcher: thanx.
Aarti: thanx... isnt it absurd that our refuge hurts at times...

Nahal: Hope u had a blast sweetheart... n the song captures the feel of this poem perfectly well...
Love to both u n nabeel...

Anonymous said...


the first comment was to be silenced, shabd kaam nahi aaye tab...

the second was to feel a wave of love n gratitude spreading over, to be the one, to be urs...

the third, actually came from this. tu indirect hi likhe toh acha hai. warna meri to bolti hi band ho jayegi har baar ;)

and the last,

kuch nahi :)

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi Deepti..
arre Yaar TUM to Emotional ho gaye..i mean to say that"GULS can ALSO write such cutee Poems (which TOuches directly the Heart of readers..).

see I alwys Appreciate and will continue to Appreciate the GOOD WORK like this Time by YOU and AaRTI Honrao is also a very good writer like YOU..

hmmm what else//..."quetions Not alwys Help"..thats TRUE..
But ..but..but ..Sometimes they DO help a LOT to know Each OTher..atleast to clear Misunderstanding about A MALE CHAUn'st(FEMALE may also be included..)....ha ha..dnt tke it Seriously yaar..dnt behve lik a Teac'r..ur Friend of US..

and jo tumne kaha ..i mean Likha..

'I am what lies between the beigining and the end and further beyond. I am a feeling that comes,touches you and slowly slips away,i am and I am not. I am in you and still I will never be. A careless feeling,dat haunts and humms somewhere at the back of your mind and is not and will never be and yet you will remember me.....'

well we will definetely Remember a Teac'r CUM studn't FRIEND of us..(am i LYING....think not..)..ha ha bye .god bless you.

deepti said...

Anon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
kuch nahi.....

Pankaj: Honestly speaking i wasnt this serious :-)
Thanx for the appreciation Mr.Friendwa...

Pankaj Gupta said...

ha ha Yaar Deepti..its Honour to Appreciate Nice work..good day .bye.

Pankaj Gupta said...


Anonymous said...

Very very nice composition! I wish I could write half as good.
Am writing your poem in Hindi script. You might like it. Even if you don't, I liked writing it :)

One question! What is the significance of the pause "..." at the end of the poem?

कभी कभी कागज़ पर
युं ही
बिखर जाते हैं
कुछ अधूरे, टूटे फूटे,
लकीरों से काटे हुए,
स्याही के रंग के पीछे से, झाँकते,
कुछ ज़ंग लगे, कुछ मैले
कुछ घिसे हुए,
कुछ खुरदरे, कुछ गले हुए,
परेशान करते हैं...
छू भी नहीं पाते,
तेरी याद के एहसास को,
फिर आखिर में बस,
तेरा नाम लिखती हूं,
और सिमट के पूरी दुनिया मेरी,
उस एक शब्द में,
निखर जाती है...
खिलखिला उठती हूं...
और फिर से जी उठते हैं
मेरे शब्द...

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...