Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Golden Night!!!

Your thought is like a golden night,
Illuminated by infinite stars and a full moon,
Thousands of fire flies, that dance to lght up,
The moments spen wth you;

The quiet streets,
Softly humming your name,
Playing with all the shadows around,
Unknowingly bringing you to me again;

The winter breeze holds me tight,
Spreading the warmth of your memories,
Softly touching and unfurling,
The petals of my being;

The beacons far and distant,
Glowing steadfast through the night,
Painting your words that hang from the sky,
Spilling th colours of life;

When you take my name,
And pluck the cords by your lips,
A sweet melody fills the universe;
And we smile together,
Heart in Heart, Hand in Hand,
Together again in the golden night...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Every evening a visit to a grocery store,
Looking and asking for the price,
Of various vegetable like thoughts,
Bargaining for the ones I like,
Accepting the tag for the ones I love,
The line between need and want,
Drawn by the tongue;
And in the pan,
The oil of desires heated,
The seeds of faith crackle,
The extra flavour of, The spicy wordly enchantments,
Added and mixed;
The meal is served,
Garnished by a few leaves, Aromatically practical,
In a bowl thats made of sillicon and sand,
Yet transparent to the core;
Laid on the sandal wood table,
The cutlery shining,
The crystal glass filled with clear water,
And still the tongue,
Wants something different, something more,
The aroma fails to tickle the taste buds,
And the mind gets filled with Tasteless thoughts.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tumhara ehsaas...

Agarbatti ki khushbu me mila hua,
Kum kum maathe pe khila hua,
Gulaab jaise aus me dhula hua,
Shehed ho pani me ghula hua,
Paani pe bikhri roshni k jaisa,
Inderdhanush bundon me jhilmilata ho vaisa,
Saanso ki taal par balkhata hua,
Aarti k diye me ithlaata hua...
Mere paas...mere saath...


Swirling in the mist,
The shadows leave the unconcious thoughts,
Breaking the mirrors,
Peircing the walls,
Capturing the black of night,
And passing it through the eye,
Turning it into polychromatic light,

Which disperse; Breaking free,
Painting the shadows; Creating a mosaic,
Slowly melting the memories,
And floating through the stones,
Quietly come back again,
Swirling in the mist...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tum ho, acha lagta hai!!!

Sookhi simti hui kuch yaadein, khanakti hain aaj bhi;

Zang lagi tooti payal, chanakti hai aaj bhi;

Maili kuch tanhaiyaan kahin, mehekti hain aaj bhi;

Bujhi hui har baat, chamakti hai aaj bhi;

Inhi se zindagi chunkar, ek naya ghar bnaya hai maine;

Us chamak ki taaron se, ek naya khwab sajaya hai maine;

Aaj dhoya besharam mail ko, ek naye ehsaas se;

Siskiyon ki awaaz se, ek naya saaz banaya hai maine;

Duaon ke kandeel se hai roshan, raat ka vo masoom sa chaand;

Maathe pe chamakta hai teeka ban kar, baadlon k beech se jhaankta tera naam...

I love my frnds!!! Ist

I guess this is going to be my first post which is not a poem and well i dedicate it to my frnds. I am lucky to have been always blessed with good frnds and still at times I feel blue, nt fair i guess. I feel lost, feel lonely, a desperation grips me and m thrown down flat on my face, things pain or may be i think too much, things that m nt even required to think. God has blessed me with love n still i complain, unfair. The only problem i guess is that i've held my past too tight and for too long. A phase comes when the very feeling that m alive becomes a burden, but herein comes my frnds who have always been a support system. I miss gargi(my college) a lot n i do miss my frnds at arts faculty a lot ven they r not around. And i confess of being a little selfish that I miss them all the more ven I am blue. Well Virein, Thanx a lot buddy. U helped me soak my tears... Thanx also for making me realize the importance of the person who is so special in my life... Better be there...

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Entrapped colours between the glass slides,
The kaliedoscope throwing beautiful patterns,
As a feast to my eyes,
The hues mocking the frames,
melting into formless forms,
Creating innumerable images,
Merging into each other,
One giving rise to the other,
The last becoming the first,
Red,green,blue not visible to the eye;
Just a state of transition,fusion and creation...
The focus hurts my eyes slowly,
The patterns hiding behind the thin film,
Covering my eye,
Or is it a hand that wants to take me away;
From these formless forms of unknown patterns,
From these infinite colours
Where I see not images but you...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Candle melts and fades away...
Oil burns and fades away...
Wood catches fire and fades away...
But love becomes the grandma's cup,
Which you hold upturned for hours,
Collecting the fragments of smoke,
Turning them into Kohl;
And lovingly I put thy love in my eyes,
And again the world becomes beautiful and whole.


Har raat aansu ban bikharti hai ye,
Surkh aankho me fir se sawanrti hai ye,
Subah fir chunti hun bistar se ise,
Piroti hun intzaar ke dhaage se;
Khanakti hai andar mere bina aawaaz kiye,
Jab talak aas paas ye anjaan sa sheher hai,
Fir bikharti hai bilakh ke raat ke andhere me,
Fir teri Yaad ki hoti ek seher hai...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


ek pal me mano simta poora jahaan ho,
uske ek ehsaas me lakhoon khushion ka raaz ho,
vo dekhe to lage khubsurat hun mai,
vo chue to khud k hone ka ehsaas ho...


I have always wanted to write something about the very concept of India Shining.
This composition comes as the very first one in the series...
Hope it makes sense to people who read it...

So here it is;

India wakes up;
In the little buds,
Enclosed beauty and trapped fragrance,
The dew drops dancing in the soft sun rays,
Far away from the flower's essance;
People passing by,
Admiring the beauty of drops,
Breathtakingly alluring,sensously pure;
And yet the heart remains enclosed,
The dew discovered, desired, explored,
The bud plucked, the flower gone,
Dried up veins and life torn,
The tongue savouring the sickly sweet dew,
Eyes enthralled by the non existant hue,
The petals that drapes the darkness; And reflects the light;
The dew that sparkles happiness; And keep the tears out of sight.


Time froze;
The light traveling from the sun,
Was scattered in the beams,
And the beams all converged,
At the new world.
Illuminating us,
Radiating love...
Sparkling everything around,
Twinkling all the way,
It was just YOU and ME.

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...