Sunday, November 26, 2006


Every evening a visit to a grocery store,
Looking and asking for the price,
Of various vegetable like thoughts,
Bargaining for the ones I like,
Accepting the tag for the ones I love,
The line between need and want,
Drawn by the tongue;
And in the pan,
The oil of desires heated,
The seeds of faith crackle,
The extra flavour of, The spicy wordly enchantments,
Added and mixed;
The meal is served,
Garnished by a few leaves, Aromatically practical,
In a bowl thats made of sillicon and sand,
Yet transparent to the core;
Laid on the sandal wood table,
The cutlery shining,
The crystal glass filled with clear water,
And still the tongue,
Wants something different, something more,
The aroma fails to tickle the taste buds,
And the mind gets filled with Tasteless thoughts.


dwaipayan said...

yes..i'm on orkut..but which deepti are you?? i'm sending u liknk to my's here

Anonymous said...

A rather unusual way to put thoughts into words... touche!

N thanks for visiting my space :)

Prashant said...

very well composed!!!!!!!!

adi said...

i've felt her love as integral as salt in sabji...and now this visit to the sabji bazaar...kya baat hai kudiye, telepathic poetry ;)

nihar said...

nice poem di,i dont hv words abhi,take care,misssssssing u like hell di:)

nihar said...

aur yeh kuch jyada telepathy nahi ho rahi hai;)

Aditi said...

beautiful.. it takes an artist to weave magic like this

Anonymous said...

reminds me of neruda, ode to a tomato, but also of the inherent loss of pure experience, my readin of it is kinda based on the idea that life gets so monotonous that all one experiences is deja vu

deepti said...

dwai: will join u.
mirage: thanx 4 dropping in
prashant said: dhanyawad
adi: hmmm.
nihar: thanx a lot, m missing u as well
aditi: thanx 4 such a flattering compliment.
mithrandhir:Yeah buddy, i almost agree to it bt still, m waiting 4 dat freshness

dwaipayan said...

join me soon...I really need to talk to u....plzzzzzzzzz ASAP

dwaipayan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sophie said...

this reminds me of making my
spices and the warm enveloping
smells in my home:)


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