Sunday, November 12, 2006


Entrapped colours between the glass slides,
The kaliedoscope throwing beautiful patterns,
As a feast to my eyes,
The hues mocking the frames,
melting into formless forms,
Creating innumerable images,
Merging into each other,
One giving rise to the other,
The last becoming the first,
Red,green,blue not visible to the eye;
Just a state of transition,fusion and creation...
The focus hurts my eyes slowly,
The patterns hiding behind the thin film,
Covering my eye,
Or is it a hand that wants to take me away;
From these formless forms of unknown patterns,
From these infinite colours
Where I see not images but you...


nihar said...

Hmmmmmm di,fear?????
gr8 poem,though diff to understand bt still i managd to grasp it,the more v try to get rid of this fear,the more vikral roop it takes.
nice rhymings di,really gr8 work.

Prashant said...

Good work and i agree with nihar its difficult but manageble to get the theme......

keep doing in same spirit.....


adi said...

somehow i get this feeling that u r far away at the moment than one cud possibly be...
and obviously, then everything u say goes through the ionosphere ;)
look, u've started commenting, i've reciprocated in kind. i keep my promises. and urs too.

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