Monday, November 20, 2006


Swirling in the mist,
The shadows leave the unconcious thoughts,
Breaking the mirrors,
Peircing the walls,
Capturing the black of night,
And passing it through the eye,
Turning it into polychromatic light,

Which disperse; Breaking free,
Painting the shadows; Creating a mosaic,
Slowly melting the memories,
And floating through the stones,
Quietly come back again,
Swirling in the mist...


nihar said...

no comments,its great di:)
lovely poem.

Aditi said...

equal ease for hindi and i liked the bit abt polychromatic light

deepti said...

nihar: thank u
aditi: thanx a lot 4 d polychromatic part. n keep cuming back.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write so beautiful....I love ur blog :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

deepti said...

sugarlips: m flattered.

Anonymous said...

Just keep writing & thanx for stopping by...!!

Stay Beautiful...!!

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