Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Wishes

May the year to come, bring with it
Big Dreams and Bigger Achievements.
Have a Healthy and Succesful 2008.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

for long...

for long i stayed...
with unfinished words,
that form in the heart,
play with my mind,
settle on my lips,
and refuse to move out,
the ink spreads on the paper,
pen stops mid way and,
they detach themselves from me,
aflutter they hover around me,
leave me bemused,
till the time,
i no longer wish to imprint them for the naked eye,
i loose myself in those endless hues,
those lines that are not,
of words that will never be,
a wild serenity will live inside me.
for long...

Friday, November 30, 2007


Earth lies looking at the blushing sky,
With evening kisses floating around,
The sun slowly setting inch by inch,
Beneath the grey twilight,
Till it suddenly disappears;

Gazing at the sinking warmth,
Wrapping the receding light around,
Watching the birds go behind the leaves,
Lamp by lamp ignited in the minds,
Till the glow reaches the sky,

Fireflies buzzing with their lights,
Crickets singing lullabies,
The moths fly up to my faint candle,
Crackling with life,
Till the wings fall dead;

The air thick with the smell of falling night,
The scent of a presence embraces,
The proximity of some thoughts beside,
Music of a distant flute materialize,
Till the trance reaches the soul;

The dark waters will beckon Radha,
The peacock feather will call her again,
And lonely bank of Yamuna will recite,
Sacred song of the Raas leela,
To the Gopi who sits there every night.


Tere rang rachi
Tere sang rachi,
Tere naam rachi,
Tere maan rachi,

Pal-pal mai pisi,
Har pal mai dhuli,
Tere haath pe kesar,
Si gaadh rachi,

Saari raat ghuli,
Fir subha khili,
Tere mathe tilak,
Ki chaap rachi,

Teri saans basi,
Tere sath chali,
Tere aangan, ban
Rangoli rachi.

Ye mehndi meri,
Saanwariya teri,
Hatheli meri,
Rekha teri rachi.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"medias res"

Too bored to stay within,
Too tired of staying without,
Up and down the stairs I go.

The cushions too soft,
The pebbles too hard;
The ceiling too low,
The sky too far;
The rooms too constrained,
The grounds too vast;
The noises muted,
The music jars;
The coldness suffocating,
The warmth harsh;
The stagnation a whirlpool,
The movement a marsh;

This is all I do; this is all I know;
Up and down the stairs I go.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The frozen fire held,
In the cold gaze,
Tries to pierce through, and;
Look beyond the face,
Look beneath the face,
Look between the face,
Look against the face,
Look through the face,
Look at the face,
And tear it in the end,
To look at me, instead of the face.
To find, yet another face.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


How long do the scars last,
How happy can the hurts be,
How sweet the dried up drops in eyes,
How far can blinded eyes see;

How long does an epoch last,
How happy the hedonistic hell can be,
How sweet the naked spices on the tongue,
How far these legs will take thee;

How long does orchestrated cacophony last,
How happy the haunted hearts can be,
How sweet the scent of rotten flowers,
How far this mind is going to be;

How long the lumpen faith can last,
How happy the humble sins can be,
How sweet the scalding contrition,
How far the prayer will follow thee?

Monday, October 15, 2007

I know therefore I am.

it was by a magnetic pull,

an age long forgotten melody being played,

an eternal dance being danced,

a being that slowly emerged,

and that was,


Monday, September 03, 2007


I felt that I died,
And dead I was,
Being the sacrificial scapegoat,
Now I wait for the resurrection…

Oceanicmirages wait for the resurrection.

Friday, August 10, 2007


There was a bid,
In that celebrated auction,
With just one buyer,
Only one precious,
Only one artist,
He sold his masterpiece, his soul.
And attained,
The halo of light.
They call it sacrifice, do you?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Illusions" by Richard Bach

Tonight at 1 a.m, I asked this book a question as i always do when I don't really know what should I do, rather what is right, and the reply that I got was:

Every person,
all the events of your life
are there because you have
drawn them there.

What you choose
to do with them is
up to you.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

this story of ours

band aankho me chupi
sadiyon purani
anjaan kuch
kuch jani pehchani
waqt se pehle, waqt ke baad
teri meri likhi har kahani
fir usi satah ki zubaani
ban kar aayegi wahi nayi kahani

na bharam koi
na faasle hamare beech
na oonchaiyon ke ta-le simte hue
raaz ki zubaani
na saharon ki zarurat
na mit-te bharoson ki chah
na manzil tak jaati
koi dagar purani

jo dekha, suna, jana
har pal kiya mehsus
wo chand lamhe khusi ke
sahej lena tum
dena use
jo aaye tumhare paas
aur mange ye kahani

yahi toh hai bus
choti si, nazuk si
andekhi, fir bhi jani pehchani
teri aur meri, ye ankahi kahani

this is dee. written by her as only a comment on my post 'sawaal'. it was too beautiful to be kept there.

it is her message, "jo dekha, suna, jana, har pal kiya mehsus, wo chand lamhe khusi ke, sahej lena tum aur dena use, jo aaye tumhare paas aur mange ye kahani" (what was seen, heard, imbibed and felt every moment, those few moments of joy, gather them close and give to the one who comes and asks for these) that is the spirit of my writing.

yes, sometimes i do feel what this story of us will be like. its a journey that has only begun. where will the gods lead us? and whether anybody will remember us after we are gone. will you?

- adi.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the thread that binds

It is around a holy tree,
She revolved her belief,
It stands a sacred symbol,
Surrounded by four pillars of gold,
Small engravings of wisdom,
Being chanted out,
In a language long forgotten,
Surviving only as a dead whisper,
A whisper loud enough to wield power,
To keep her enslaved;
Surrounded by red and yellow flags,
The amber incense filling the senses with a fragrance that helps,
To create a trance that culminates into,
A numb ecstasy;
A trance of oaths, pledges,
Offerings and devotion;
Endless heads with her bowing down,
Millions of souls revolving around,
The tree oozing out divine faith,
Her faith, their faith;
Taken from within and given away,
Sold by the proxy Gods,
As sacred threads; that
Are tied back on the stems, on the branches
Where it stays and will stay
For her, for them,
The manifested faith, faith she searches for,
Faith she will always search for,
Till it is hers.

A few evenings ago the two of us, unknowningly, were writing the same thing, differently ofcourse, but similar also. And it turned out into a little story of faith and wonder. Here's the other thought.

Dheer Gambhir, Dharti putra
Khada akela
Devalaya ke prangan mein
Yugon yugon se
Maun sanwad mein
Pooch raha
dhyeya apna
Akash-arun se
Ya dhoondh raha tha
Antim-agni alingan mein

Shakti putri
Gatimay, chapal
Prashant, atal
Baandh gayin
Chahun aur mere
Aastha ki
dori kushal

Aur main
Ashaay peepal
Ban utha
Kalpvriksh sabal

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Khaak hote in anjaan lamho ka kya kije,
Tujhse na ho baat, fir lafzon ka kya kije;

Beparwah shor-o-gul ke beech hai khoti,
Is kambhakt beimaan zubaan ka kya kije;

Khwab dekhkar taameer bhi kar lete hum inhe,
Is adhkhuli adhjagi aankh ka kya kije;

Deewangi ki koi had dhoti to paar karte,
Is besabab beadab raftaar ka kya kije;

Khuda se maangte gar khuda hume nawaazta tujh se,
Is be mauke ramzaan me azaan ka kya kije;

Baith-te har us mehfil me jahan zikr ho tera,
Is bad-mizaaz bad-dimaag jahaan ka kya kije;

Fursat hoti to har ik lafz sajate tere naam se duniya k liye,
Badzaat is waqt ki guhaar ka kya kije;

Sailaab hota to karte thaamne ki koshish hum koi,
Palak se jude is there tufaan ka kya kije;

Junoon hai ki zalzala le aaye jahan bhar ki khushi,
Jo khud hi se dare hum, aise jazbaat ka kya kije.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Arjuna's conscience

Line by line the mortal pearls
Are grinded to dust,
While safely kept in the closet.
And when adorned,
By the saints frail,
Shine like the rusted nails.

They are not my creations,
Mere reflections,
On the assorted suspensions.
Disintegrating by and by,
Leaving behind vulnerable voids.

And here I am, their curator,
Trying to preserve,
With potions and paints,
Keep them alive,
Until I faint;
An alarm I am, with them I stay,
Lest the devil take them away,
Take me away…

While fighting this fierce battle, I pray,
O! Krishna guide me.
Against myself this battle is mine,
Suspended in truth, suspended in time.

Eyes have forgotten the tears,
Awry smiles in mind somewhere,
Beyond lies my battlefield,
O! Krishna come to my shield
Let me not forsake myself
Long before I cease to be.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Or so it seems...

Standing in front of a pool of water,
Gazing at the depth increased manifold,
The consciousness searching for my origin,
The eyes feasting on the clarity yet untold,
I loved the ugly reflection inside,
I liked my universe smiling back at me,
The same scum, the similar marshes,
The sultry, simmering, summer swamps
The hungry bog with its doomed tentacles,
Spreading the plague; through irresistible clamps,
I was merely looking at an artificial pit,
With a mirror base,
That produced the oceanic mirage,
Recreating the depth,
Rewriting the history,
Refashioning my past;
Entranced I stood,
Bound to the now beautified ugliness,
By a conscious surrender of the search,
I felt tired and weary,
Or so it seemed…

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Joy 2

Sight of food for the famished body,
The relaxing hollows of the cheeks,
The dilation of the eye lids,
The slight smiling upper lip,
The accentuated desire inside,
The reaching out…

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Dekha aaina gaur se kai baar humne,
Khud se hum rubaru na hue;
Tamaasha-e-yaar hua mehfil me janib,
Tamaashbeen par beaabru na hue;
Hamari fairist me kai dost the,
Jo sab hue par dost na hue;
Jam saja kar mehfil me saki,
Saath Hamare shaamil na hue;
Jagaya raat bhar chaand taaron ki justuju ne,
Seher ke khwab bhi sahare na hue;
Wo saamne hain humare baithe kiye shikwa,
Ilzaam humpar, jo humare na hue;
Gila utar raha hai nus nus me nasha bun kar,
Piye aansu humne paimaane na hue;
Thama hawaon ko hi khamosh raahgeer jaan kar,
Toofan me hijr ke, kinare na hue;
Fir usi veeran mehfil ke, dar pe hain baithe,
Khali maikhane se aane ke ishare na hue;
Bikhar rahe hain alfaaz, ibaadat ke yun hi,
Hum is roshan khudaai ko gawaara na hue.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


They stay suspended in reality,
Hanging down from the lush gardens,
Of green words with ripened fruits,
They grow on huge trees, ages old,
Long thick off shoots of language,
With heaving tentacles that,
Penetrate back into the earth,
Be one with the soil,
In the embrace of the roots,
To rise up all over again,
Undaunted yet again,
With new flowers,
Fragrance, Which rises and grows within,
Till all the senses are intoxicated.
To gather the world and ignite life.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


A blooming bud, the petals unfurling;
The awakening rays shimmering,
On the delicate dew drops;
The soft chirruping, the lazy flutter,
The blue streaked with a blush,
Smiling shyly…

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Unarticulated thoughts hanging in my mind,
Quivering, squirming,
Spaghetti like,
Noodles like,
Soft, squashy…

Unarticulated expression bubbling in my mind,
Diffusing, dissolving,
Tea leaves like,
Coffee beans like,
Aromatic, pungent…

Unarticulated feelings precipitate in my mind,
Crystallizing, condensing,
Hail stones like,
Snow flakes like,
Frozen, frosty…

Unarticulated words…
No tomb stone,
No epitaph,
A faint trail…
To the soulful grave…

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Suspended notes in the air,
The wave particles resonating,
In volatile frequencies,
Up and down the bow moves,
Mercilessly on the strings,
The force produces the pain,
Felt under the trembling tips,
Of the fingers frozen in one action,
Steadfast over tearing it all out from the heart,
The seamless sound flows through,
A forfeited body.

the promise... being fulfilled, here.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Kitni baar, jab samay se kheej uthti hun;
Bohat haule,
Ya bohat tez chalne par,
Kursi par khali baithe,
Table par baahein tikaye,
Dekhti hun,
Bikhre aansuon ko pareshaan karte hue,
Kabhi ye samay mere saath chalta hi nahi,
Ya toh aage,
Ya toh peeche,
Uddta rehta hai idhar udhar;
Jald hi baandhungi ise,
Aur choker par tank kar chalungi,
Us jaadugar ke saath,
Jiska vaada hai,
Wo lekar aayega,
Ye Kohinoor mere liye…

My wizard

So often, when I get weary of this time,
For moving,
So slow, or extremely fast,
Sitting in the chair,
My arms rest on the table,
I see, the fallen tears, complaining, cribbing,
The time never yields to my requests,
It moves,
Either ahead,
Or lags million miles behind,
It floats around me here and there…
Soon I will tie it,
And will wear it, sewn on the choker,
With my wizard,
Who has promised,
To get this Kohinoor for me…

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Recurrent loops of the wax; shaped up as webs and webs and webs of struggling existence; the spider enjoys the game of trapping. The prey epitomizes the beauty of the fight, the valour, the courage and finally the renunciation…

One wins and the Other ensures by loosing the game that “The One” wins, the ultimate sacrifice of the self is to give up the self, a complete renunciation of the ego.

The most interesting observation is to keep looking at the gossamers spun, strengthened enough to hold the weighty ego of the insect struggle to survive, breaking free and trapped again, breaking free and trapped again, it goes on for a while…

The fit of loss, of loosing it within, dissolves the struggle.

Finally the web becomes comfortable enough.

Does it?

At times it does. And at times the insect beautifully spins on and on in the web, relentlessly, almost like a wheel in motion, and tear the bonds apart by the sheer momentum of the spinning existence, by the magnitude of pain, the heat produced by the numb mind keeps the body working, there is no vision, its not blindness, it’s the time, that is swung over and over and the fate is swung around the other side.

The insect breaks free, swerves its life…

To again swerve from another web and it goes on and on…

The web of life…

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A tear!

Carved out of pain,
Marked by happiness,
Softened by desire,
Sculpted by envy,
Polished by pride,
Pushed by hurt,
Called upon by loneliness,
It slips out of the alcove,
And spills at the altar
The first comment that i got for this poem more than an year back was,
[you love to play with words] :-)
Fond memory{I had gone to meet my wizard for the first time to his office, n we were friends then} the moment all comes back. so seems it was yesterday n i have come a long way since then...

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Kabhi kabhi kagaz par
Yun hi
Bikhar jate hain
Kuch adhure, toote foote,
Lakiron se kaate hue,
Syahi ke rang k peeche se, Jhaankte,
Kuch zang lage, kuch maile
Kuch ghise hue,
Kuch khurdare, kuch gale hue,
Pareshan karte hain…
Chhu bhi nahi paate,
Teri yaad k ehsaas ko,
Fir aakhir me bus,
Tera naam likhti hun,
Aur simat k puri duniya meri,
Us ek shabd me,
Nikhar jati hai…
Khilkhila uthti hai…
Aur fir se Ji uthte hain,
Mere shabd…

Monday, May 21, 2007


The memories crashed on her heart,
Percolating down, the sandy beach;
Sliding inside the caves,
Comfortably accommodating themselves,
As dead shells,
Slimy weeds,
Disjointed skeleton of a crab,
Broken pieces of stones,
Drifting wrecks,
She sat there watching the sunset,
Watching the disappearing rays,
Watching the skies put on a blanket,
Watching the birds sing goodnight,
And there was a flash…
A shooting star…
She wished for the morning;
The waves crashed and crashed,
But not on her heart anymore;
Not bringing any shells and skeleton,
Not staying back on the rocks,
Just, flashing the moon,
Flashing the sun…

Friday, May 18, 2007


The candle is burnt;
The flame no longer claims lives;
The wax has evaporated,
Traces of soot hang here and there,
Nightmares trouble the dead mind,
Tugging at the dead heart,
Claiming what is still alive,
The darkness all around is purged,
With the light of your soul,
It is not yet time,
To give up,
Come, rise from the ashes,
No, no Christ...
But YOU...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Desires… Dreams… Determination…
Wisdom… Strength… Destination…
Freedom… Liberty… Rebellion…
Smiles… Tears… Sensations…
Truths… Lies… Resignation…
Life… Love… Dedication…

Yes, you guessed right;
She is a woman…

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Sitting at the doorsteps,

Watching the rain,

Slashing across her face,

A few unknown memories;

She smiled and yet,

Two drops stealthily,

Creped out of her eyes;

Testing the content of salt in the drops.

She held those drops in her palm,

Swaying, rolling and slowly,

She stretched her arm,

In that torrential downpour,

And those two tears were washed away;

Sent along the unknown road…

Heady happiness in her, now drooping eyes,

The subtle haphazard heaviness,

Settling in her head,

The pain held steadfast,

In that numb gaze,

Looking through the sky.

Unaware of the many bicycles, rickshaws,

Scooters, bikes and cars,

Passing across,

Men, women rushing by; avoiding the rain;

Taking shelters beside the boundary walls of the houses,

Or in the park across the house,

The motor shed serving,

As one huge umbrella.

Oblivious of their glances,

Yet noticing minutely,

The worms creeping out of the ground,

The walls, the rusted swings in the park,

The cemented seats, the leaves and the grass,

The railings, the roads,

The whole universe under her gaze,

Being cleansed off the grime.

She is pulled on the road by her friends,

And she splits into two.

The soul keeps sitting at the door steps,

And she laughs and smiles in the rain,

They jump in the puddles,

Run in the park,

Throw mud and leaves at each other,

She embraces the rain,

They shout overjoyed,

Intoxicated in unabashed innocence,

All the while staring back at herself.

Imploring, pleading, beseeching herself to join,

Who still sat with that cold, numb gaze,

At the doorstep;

Making the threshold her home, she sits;

Neither brooding, nor complaining, nor waiting,

Nor searching, nor sad,

Just numb; comfortably numb…

The rain stops in a couple of hours,

People get back to their work,

She and her friends,

Like, bright, newly dressed flowers,

Happily swaying in the breeze,

Like the green happy trees,

Chatter away to glory,

Sitting in the park,

Half soaked and half dry,

Like the pretty mermaids,

Whispering softly,

She glances back at the doorstep.

And finds herself,

Snuggled up to clouds,

Being lulled into a sleep.

The mild breeze crystallizing around her.

The drops floating around, caressing her.

She bids goodbye to her friends,

Gently waking herself, to go back home.

Hugging each other tightly, they cry;

Tears streaming down their eyes,

Something welling up inside both of them,

And finally they drown yet again,

Into each other.

Half smiling, half crying;

Not alive, yet not dying…

Friday, April 20, 2007

Assorted chocolates...

Tensed tears and nervous faith,
Downcast heart recieves,
A shower of love at the metro station;
The moments melt inside my mouth.

A bewildered mind calmed down,
By delightful smiles and hearty laughs,
At the roadside Banta wala outside faculty,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

Doubts wiped out by affection and care,
A few words enveleoped,
In the close comfort of home,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

A severe headache,A lethargy,
Work seeped in boredom,
Scented by a desire for completion,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

Assorted chocolates was what i had,
As food for soul on menu today.
Moments melting inside my mouth,
A treat for senses any day.


A dark,delecious ,Pure Adi bar.
Minty Anu and virein.
Crackling Charu and Dev.
Caramelled Nidhi(sis) and Megha.
Perky Niharika N Swati n Dhananjay(bro).
Eclairy Gautam n Sachin.
Sweet Shubendu and shri cadbury like.
N molten me...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The forehead Kiss...

Vulnerable of doubts,
Afraid of the self,
With my leaden footsteps,
Towards an unknown sea,
I felt i would drown,
When you came an anchored me,
With that forehead Kiss.
Making it easier for me to hold on,
While the storm raged around me,
I calmed down,
The ship is damaged a little,
But you kept me stead fast,
The storm is past,
And i shall sail across,
Till the end...

I would call it the "kiss of Faith" which will help the heart to hold on to you for tommorow is going to be beautiful.

Celebrating Love

Friday, March 23, 2007

nothing new.....
nothing old.....
nothing happy.....
nothing sad.....
nothing happens.....
nothing done.....
nothing concieved.....
nothing aborted.....
still is the air.
still me.
Still you.
The world spins n spins.....
Nothing never stops.....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Walking on...

The sand slipping beneath my feet,
The coarse grains,
Scratching and piercing through the thick skin,
A wave washing over the unwanted sand,
Leaving behind unwantd salts.
The crabs pushing forward,
The green blue slimy shells.
The flesh cutting through the beauty,
Goes straight to embrace the sand.
A little deeper inside the sea,
Standing on the silt,
Feeling the world pass beneath my feet,
With every wave,
I pass away too.
And yet the next wave,
Brings me back,
To the same sand,the same silt,
The same shore with a different name,
And I am the same stone,
With the same heart,
Which beats against every grain...

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Like the earthworms,
Wriggling out of the ground,
When it rains.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the spider,
Spining a web,on and on,
Suspending the self.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the hawk,
Steadily stalking the prey,
Soaring high in the sky.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the caterpillars,
Metamorphosising into cocoons,
The tender cover produces colours.
Ensuring survival is a game of hhide and seek.

Like the insects,
Camouflaging into the world,
Decieving the danger,securing strife.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

And now the most important part of the post.
A very happy holi to every body =) Celebrating love with colours.Hmmm... All the reasons to feel happy. May all the readers be painted in different hues of love.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Taaron ko chhant kar,
Pooja ki thali me diye jalaye hain.
Komal ehsaas haule se piro kar,
Sundar surbhit haar banaye hain.
Kesar aur kum kum nas-nas me bhar kar,
Hawa ne ungli se tilak lagaye hain.
Dhoop baati aur kapoor saanso se chun kar,
Mann ke kaune-kaune ehkaye hain.
Rom-rom se japp-te tera naam,
Band hothon se agannit shankh bajaye hain.
Maatha tek kar dehleez par teri,
Aastha aur vishwaas ke bhog lagaye hain.
Aarti ki,rupehli,lau se,
Jhuke hue ye naiyan jagmagaye hain.
Hatheliyon ko jodd kar tere aage,
Nanhe-nanhe haath failaye hain.

Hey shaam fir yamuna k teer,
Lehron par kiranon ne sapne sajaye hain.
Vanshi ki dhun par thirakti meri payal,
Har aahat pe Radha ke Shaam aaye hain.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Hmmm.... M back with my series of stray thoughts that i held back f0r one or the other reason.
This time i would be publishing two of these disjointed sets of ummm,lets say doubts...or moments i felt weak.


Grazing the grass of reason,
Braying the plea of bliss,
Under the sun that burns;
Bearing the burden,
Of base mockery,
And a battle of wits,
With mute acceptance,
In the melancholic voids of memory.

Helpless 4/LANGUAGE/

Like a cluster of tadpoles,
Wriggling about in the road side puddles,
Sun soaks it up,
And the language dies,
Barely completing,
The second stage of metamorphosis,
Waiting to be,
Part of the pond that stinks...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bus yun hi!!!

Ek aks hai zahalat ka,
Har rang ka rang laal hai,
Bus dhuan hi uthta hai kafir,
Ye raakh nahi mashaal hai.

Hai roshan fir kaafila uska,
Surkh shabnam k najaron ki tarah,
Fir bhi vo khud insaano sa,
Tanha hai baitha majaron ki tarah.

Kuch thame hue sannate hain,
Kuch anjaane sawaal hain,
Wo goonjti hai cheekh vahan,
Kuch ankahe jahan khyal hain.

Saagar pe sifar hai lehron ka,
Kuch dube hue kinare hain,
Baandh me bandhi chaandni hai,
Jo toote tare, Hamare hain.

Har katre se ehsaas ke,
Wo behaya yun hi karte hain jua,
Khala hai bandagi me kahin,
Mehfilon me jaam sajati hai dua.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Love is the poem, Beloved is the light!

A half written pristine poem,
On the pearly white papyrus,
Shining through,
A few forgotten archaic streaks,
Suspended within the opalescence,
Of vibrant words.

Lamenting the loss of,
A melody that quivers in a hum,
And dies at the start,
Of a vaccumated world

The light from the words tear itself,
From its music;
And moves on, fighting,
The ferocious vaccum;
Creating a mosaic,
In the sublime solitude of matter;

The opals of the poem,
Are charred on the surface,
The papyrus crumples into ash,
To fill the world.
The ash and the opals strewn all over,
Becomes the medium,
Evoking the notes from the dead

The half sung melody,
Melts with the words,
Creating a new song.

Love is the poem,
Beloved is the light,
Both unite,
On a pyre burning bright.
The charred opals in moons revived,
Night, hums the song with a pride.

And when the melody slowly stops,
And the song fades,
The night looses,
Its opals again,
The voids celebrate annihiliated lyrics,
Mocking the meek, shrivelled up syrinx.

Another half written pristine poem,
Is suffused with the archaic light;
To create a new melody,
With all its might...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An orange !!!

The world is a fruit basket,
I am an orange.
The bright colour ornamenting,
The outer coat of,
Thick, bitter,citric peel,
With an alluring aroma,
Of resplendent rejuvenation.

Among the glossy grapes and cheeky cherries,
The blushing apples and beautiful berries,
I am an orange sweetly sour.

The hands pick me up,
The nails see through me,
The orange peel is kept aside,
Later to be used as a scrub.

Still wrapped,
In thin white strands,
Of instinctual,intuitive projections,
Creeping out of a capricious mind,
Embracing the sheer cover on my souls,

One by one my beings are detached,
From the bonds of my moratorium,
The souls inside are crushed with the tongue,
A few bitter dreams i leave behind,
For many more souls to grow from them.

I move on towards an identity.
With the saliva in the mouth,
The sap mixes,
A different identity is achieved.

Peel is used by the foreclosures,
To cleanse the spots of my various selves,
That spurted out of my tiny and tender structures,
Covered by a transparent sheath of faith.

I am an orange.
I rejuvenate the dreams,
My souls merge with the venous blood,
And flows through the world.
I live,
In the foreclosures as the insanity,
Whirling in the mind,
I breathe the fresh dew,
In the mist that shadows,
The faith of time...
I shine though centuries,
With a bright orange, shy smile...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Birthday Update!

Thanx to everyone or wishing me...thanx a lot.
It was the most beautiful birthday i ever had coz of him,coz of love.
Yes love colours the life in various hues n the god turns himself into an artist painting beautiful landscapes oozing all his grandeur n grace through those hues,sprinkling the life with beauty n i am blessed with all the beauty.
I love my wizard for making me beautiful, coz it was through him that i recieved the grace n love.
Got blessed by parents,wished by friends,hugged by my cute little students and loved by him. All the colours to make it a beautiful birthday.
To summarise my day all i would say is...

Khuda se ibaadat ki thi,
ki registaan me,
Kuch boondein paani ki mil jayein,
Pyasa tha dil,
Vo jeevan me mere pyar ka sagar ban aaya,
Athaah, Aseem, Aalokik.
Ret ab bus kinaron par dikhti hai.
Jahan se duniya dekhti hai...
Kaise ye sagar,
Mujhe apni bahon me samete khada hai.
Kaise ye leheren umad umad k leti hain,
Bus uska hi naam.
Kaise marichika k peeche bhatakte,
Anjaan raah par,
Ek nayi duniya mili hai mujhe.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

M Happy!!!

Its my birthday on 5th. I am happy because the people around me have made me feel sooooooooooo special for the past one week that m feeling like a princess......

Thanx to everybody..... Waiting for more wishes ;-)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Kori kalpana par bkhra gulaal ho tum;

Aashaon ka khilta sunehra gulaab ho tum;

Behte sagar me naye badal ka aakaar ho tum;

Sapno par aaya, naveen nikhar ho tum;

Darpan se jhaankte mere pratibimb ka saar ho tum;

Payal se jude ghungruon ki jhankaar ho tum;

Aanchal par kaadha gaya resham ka taar ho tum;

Chere par damakta mera solanh sringaar ho tum...

Friday, January 26, 2007


Shayari me tera khayal bankar,
Tanhai me teri yaad bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai mehfil me,
Hothon par tera naam bankar;

Subah ki alsayi angdai bankar,
Khwaab ki sawnarti rubaii bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai seher me,
Mere labon pe teri khwaish bankar;

Basant me phoolon pe bahaar ban kar,
Pehli baarish ki thandi fuhaar bankar,
Ye ishq sajta hai aanho me,
Amaavas me poonam ka chaand bankar...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Something dead is living inside...

The smog hangs down from the grey sky,
The sun, a captive of waterless clouds,
The green all black streching,
Their formless arms, Embracing anonymity,
The cold heaves from the numb bodies,
Melting down the path in front,
Leaving behind dead shadows;
Its time to go to work;
And recreate,
What was pulled apart,
The plans all ready,
The dried and dyed reality is streched,
And the needles of manipulation,
Sew the cloak well,
It feels warm inside the cloak,
A warmth that spreads in the body,
Vapourising it slowly,
And what's left is remenants of wet ash,
Something that sighs unheard,
A stone that beats against pulsating life,
The particles move about,
Reworking the strings,
Of minutes all happy,
Of hours all sad,
The frozen time is where I reside,
With something dead thats living inside...

Mind; In search of a new Kohinoor!

Taking a metal wire,

I started forming,

Concentric loops,

Circles that merged,

Dangling away,

The morbidity of stagnation;

Loops, coated afresh with thoughts,

Takes off,

To unknown territories,

Lifting me high up from the ground,

But holds something back,

In the various interlocks;

Time and again,

The very height becomes an abyss;

And I am back to where I was,

The coarse ore,

But I feel at home...

Mining throygh sands,

In search of, A new Kohinoor...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sapno ki chikni mitti ko,
Chaak par rakh kar,
Kumhaar dheere dheere,
Deta hai aakaar,
Umeedon ko;
Jinhe vishwaas ki aanch me,
Tapaa kar,
Banaata hai mazboot;
Fir uspar rang chadhaata hai,
Pyar ka;
Aur le jata hai,
Duniya k bazaar me;
Zindagi ki lau se roshan karta,
Har lamhe ko dheere dheere...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

India shining(III)

I am back with the India shining...Here it goes.

Sparkling when the spot light,
Falls on those few drops,
Which still are waiting to dry up,
On the dry parched cheeks,
Making themselves comfortable,
Under the hollow of the eyes,
Hiding beneath the dark circles,
Of pain, age and time,
Picking food from the garbage pile,
Hungry eyes wandering,
Through the maze of people,
Gazing deeply into the crevices,
Where the moss grows,
Searching for a trickle of water,
That might wash away the grime and dirt,
Clinging to the throat, body
The heart and soul...
Behind the curtains,
Where the delicate dreams,
Are bought and sold,
The carnal pleasures drawn out,
The innocence weeded out,
To let the earth bear practical fruits,
The dead light in the morning eyes,
The cold blanket of the night skies,
Still shimmer in the spot light,
When it falls on those few drops,
Which trickle out once a while,
smiling and dying...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ek aur khoobsurat raat...

Aadhi raat tak table lamp ki roshni me,
Alfaaz bina kuch kahe,
Kaagaz par sajte rahe...
Kaafi der tak yun hi dekha...
Bheege hue Alfaazon ko,
Aur faili hui syaahi me...
Har ek yaad kitni khoobsurat thi...
Aadhi raat k baad kuch der,
Tak Taki lagaye dekha,
Us matmaile chaand ko,
Jo aadha chipa kahin likh raha tha gazal raat k liye,
Taaron k daaman me bandhi ye chaandni,
Bikhar rahi thi meri balcony me tera naam ban kar,
Ye chaandni bhi khoobsurat thi...
Vapis table lamp kii roshni me,
Maine fir bune kuch shabd...
Jo kaagaz par sirf tera naam ban kar aaye,
Chaand ki vo gazal jo chaandni gungunaye,
Mere band kamre ki chaar deewaron me,
Haule se ye raat muskuraye,
Hothon par us aansu ko sajaye,
Aankh se jo tera ehsaas ban kar aaye...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Helpless 2/Expression/

Strangled; The Expression,
Clutches on wire:
Of self created mesh,
The ends held ;
By fear and distrust.
Death melting into ,
Wrapping the collection of bones and muscles,
Set in the chameleonic skin,
With blisters oozing out ,
Dead thoughts.
And a mask called life,
Fixed on the faceless Face...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Helpless!!!!! (1)/Tears/

Another series for all the people who patiently read whatever I say. I dont know but there are times during the day when I feel completely helpless, n the worst part being that my strength becomes my weakness, its momentary though. Through this series all m doing is confessing those moments where a particular strength fails to support me n m rendered defenceless. I wonder if anyone of you felt the same thing.......
But yes in the end you will definately find a flicker of hope or sumthing one can look forward to...There is no sequence to this series, its just a form of confession of where i lost my self followed by recollection of the moments after a little while...So here it is..

The tears trickle down into the glass,
Memories making the drink,
Intoxicating than ever;
I drink all the distance;
Raising the glass to love;
Celebrating the night;
With my love beside...

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...