Friday, August 10, 2007


There was a bid,
In that celebrated auction,
With just one buyer,
Only one precious,
Only one artist,
He sold his masterpiece, his soul.
And attained,
The halo of light.
They call it sacrifice, do you?


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! This is totally totally awesome .. your writing is really really impressive and more so because it is understandable by people who don't know and haven't read poetry .. it is a great gift to be able to produce such thoughts so very regularly .. May God bless you :)

pravin said...

nice :)

Though if he is selling his soul, you could twist the poem around to make him sell it to the devil. But then the effect will not be quite the same. Wait, why is he selling his soul to turn into an angel?

mithrandhir said...

sacrifice? dont know? but then if a person can give up his soul then why not? it is a sacrifice... but who is he going to illuminate with that halo? the world so that he attains a evanescent fame or is he going to try and light the darkness within where there was once his soul?

deepti said...

anon: thanx.
pravin: i thought of the devil but there is something more than that as u felt it urself.

Vir: well its not the inner darkness dats goin to be removed, its almost a display. Its to be able to do a sacred duty while forgetting the dharma.

Keshi said...

**He sold his masterpiece, his soul.

Im not sure if I'd call it sacrifice...cos selling my soul is never gonna happen...even if that happens, it wud be going againt Sacrifice wudnt it?


Anil P said...


Mirage said...

I call it... a day in my life!

Beautifully expressed, as always.

Dream catcher said...

NO..not sacrifice..its finding the root..

dharmabum said...

what do we mean, selling the soul?

for me sacrifice is usually giving up the 'lower' for the 'higher'.

Anonymous said...

hey .. what happened to the regularity? .. I hope meri nazar na lagi ho :)

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

loved the choice of ur pic!

another brick in the wall said...

i dont believe in sacrifice.. we all are too selfish to sacrifice anything. no one ever makes any sacrifice in life. its just fake.

Rajeev said...

I wud never make any sacrifices in life! atleast thats what i think right now!

peace & love

concentric spirals

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