Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Taaron ko chhant kar,
Pooja ki thali me diye jalaye hain.
Komal ehsaas haule se piro kar,
Sundar surbhit haar banaye hain.
Kesar aur kum kum nas-nas me bhar kar,
Hawa ne ungli se tilak lagaye hain.
Dhoop baati aur kapoor saanso se chun kar,
Mann ke kaune-kaune ehkaye hain.
Rom-rom se japp-te tera naam,
Band hothon se agannit shankh bajaye hain.
Maatha tek kar dehleez par teri,
Aastha aur vishwaas ke bhog lagaye hain.
Aarti ki,rupehli,lau se,
Jhuke hue ye naiyan jagmagaye hain.
Hatheliyon ko jodd kar tere aage,
Nanhe-nanhe haath failaye hain.

Hey shaam fir yamuna k teer,
Lehron par kiranon ne sapne sajaye hain.
Vanshi ki dhun par thirakti meri payal,
Har aahat pe Radha ke Shaam aaye hain.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Hmmm.... M back with my series of stray thoughts that i held back f0r one or the other reason.
This time i would be publishing two of these disjointed sets of ummm,lets say doubts...or moments i felt weak.


Grazing the grass of reason,
Braying the plea of bliss,
Under the sun that burns;
Bearing the burden,
Of base mockery,
And a battle of wits,
With mute acceptance,
In the melancholic voids of memory.

Helpless 4/LANGUAGE/

Like a cluster of tadpoles,
Wriggling about in the road side puddles,
Sun soaks it up,
And the language dies,
Barely completing,
The second stage of metamorphosis,
Waiting to be,
Part of the pond that stinks...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bus yun hi!!!

Ek aks hai zahalat ka,
Har rang ka rang laal hai,
Bus dhuan hi uthta hai kafir,
Ye raakh nahi mashaal hai.

Hai roshan fir kaafila uska,
Surkh shabnam k najaron ki tarah,
Fir bhi vo khud insaano sa,
Tanha hai baitha majaron ki tarah.

Kuch thame hue sannate hain,
Kuch anjaane sawaal hain,
Wo goonjti hai cheekh vahan,
Kuch ankahe jahan khyal hain.

Saagar pe sifar hai lehron ka,
Kuch dube hue kinare hain,
Baandh me bandhi chaandni hai,
Jo toote tare, Hamare hain.

Har katre se ehsaas ke,
Wo behaya yun hi karte hain jua,
Khala hai bandagi me kahin,
Mehfilon me jaam sajati hai dua.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Love is the poem, Beloved is the light!

A half written pristine poem,
On the pearly white papyrus,
Shining through,
A few forgotten archaic streaks,
Suspended within the opalescence,
Of vibrant words.

Lamenting the loss of,
A melody that quivers in a hum,
And dies at the start,
Of a vaccumated world

The light from the words tear itself,
From its music;
And moves on, fighting,
The ferocious vaccum;
Creating a mosaic,
In the sublime solitude of matter;

The opals of the poem,
Are charred on the surface,
The papyrus crumples into ash,
To fill the world.
The ash and the opals strewn all over,
Becomes the medium,
Evoking the notes from the dead

The half sung melody,
Melts with the words,
Creating a new song.

Love is the poem,
Beloved is the light,
Both unite,
On a pyre burning bright.
The charred opals in moons revived,
Night, hums the song with a pride.

And when the melody slowly stops,
And the song fades,
The night looses,
Its opals again,
The voids celebrate annihiliated lyrics,
Mocking the meek, shrivelled up syrinx.

Another half written pristine poem,
Is suffused with the archaic light;
To create a new melody,
With all its might...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An orange !!!

The world is a fruit basket,
I am an orange.
The bright colour ornamenting,
The outer coat of,
Thick, bitter,citric peel,
With an alluring aroma,
Of resplendent rejuvenation.

Among the glossy grapes and cheeky cherries,
The blushing apples and beautiful berries,
I am an orange sweetly sour.

The hands pick me up,
The nails see through me,
The orange peel is kept aside,
Later to be used as a scrub.

Still wrapped,
In thin white strands,
Of instinctual,intuitive projections,
Creeping out of a capricious mind,
Embracing the sheer cover on my souls,

One by one my beings are detached,
From the bonds of my moratorium,
The souls inside are crushed with the tongue,
A few bitter dreams i leave behind,
For many more souls to grow from them.

I move on towards an identity.
With the saliva in the mouth,
The sap mixes,
A different identity is achieved.

Peel is used by the foreclosures,
To cleanse the spots of my various selves,
That spurted out of my tiny and tender structures,
Covered by a transparent sheath of faith.

I am an orange.
I rejuvenate the dreams,
My souls merge with the venous blood,
And flows through the world.
I live,
In the foreclosures as the insanity,
Whirling in the mind,
I breathe the fresh dew,
In the mist that shadows,
The faith of time...
I shine though centuries,
With a bright orange, shy smile...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Birthday Update!

Thanx to everyone or wishing me...thanx a lot.
It was the most beautiful birthday i ever had coz of him,coz of love.
Yes love colours the life in various hues n the god turns himself into an artist painting beautiful landscapes oozing all his grandeur n grace through those hues,sprinkling the life with beauty n i am blessed with all the beauty.
I love my wizard for making me beautiful, coz it was through him that i recieved the grace n love.
Got blessed by parents,wished by friends,hugged by my cute little students and loved by him. All the colours to make it a beautiful birthday.
To summarise my day all i would say is...

Khuda se ibaadat ki thi,
ki registaan me,
Kuch boondein paani ki mil jayein,
Pyasa tha dil,
Vo jeevan me mere pyar ka sagar ban aaya,
Athaah, Aseem, Aalokik.
Ret ab bus kinaron par dikhti hai.
Jahan se duniya dekhti hai...
Kaise ye sagar,
Mujhe apni bahon me samete khada hai.
Kaise ye leheren umad umad k leti hain,
Bus uska hi naam.
Kaise marichika k peeche bhatakte,
Anjaan raah par,
Ek nayi duniya mili hai mujhe.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

M Happy!!!

Its my birthday on 5th. I am happy because the people around me have made me feel sooooooooooo special for the past one week that m feeling like a princess......

Thanx to everybody..... Waiting for more wishes ;-)

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...