Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An orange !!!

The world is a fruit basket,
I am an orange.
The bright colour ornamenting,
The outer coat of,
Thick, bitter,citric peel,
With an alluring aroma,
Of resplendent rejuvenation.

Among the glossy grapes and cheeky cherries,
The blushing apples and beautiful berries,
I am an orange sweetly sour.

The hands pick me up,
The nails see through me,
The orange peel is kept aside,
Later to be used as a scrub.

Still wrapped,
In thin white strands,
Of instinctual,intuitive projections,
Creeping out of a capricious mind,
Embracing the sheer cover on my souls,

One by one my beings are detached,
From the bonds of my moratorium,
The souls inside are crushed with the tongue,
A few bitter dreams i leave behind,
For many more souls to grow from them.

I move on towards an identity.
With the saliva in the mouth,
The sap mixes,
A different identity is achieved.

Peel is used by the foreclosures,
To cleanse the spots of my various selves,
That spurted out of my tiny and tender structures,
Covered by a transparent sheath of faith.

I am an orange.
I rejuvenate the dreams,
My souls merge with the venous blood,
And flows through the world.
I live,
In the foreclosures as the insanity,
Whirling in the mind,
I breathe the fresh dew,
In the mist that shadows,
The faith of time...
I shine though centuries,
With a bright orange, shy smile...


Aditi said...

absolutely beautiful

dwaipayan said...

wow..... this is the best advertisement for selling orange!!!:P

adi said...

creeping out of a capricious mind....hmmmm :)

u know what dee, i read ur poems, then i re-read them and even after months when i again go back to them, there is always something startlingly new, like layered meanings of existence, some things which were always there, but chose to appear only at that particular moment in time, and u know what dee, i fall in love with you, again & again...hmmm

Prashant said...

Tough but unique......... :-)
Good work, hv to say...

shruti said...

refreshing like as orange..
and so does the picture...

the prof said...

astounding alliteration that invariably informs the reader of your progressively promising abilities as a poet.

endevourme said...

amazing, really...
u really have an open mind n so u can write like this :D!

deepti said...

Aditi: beautiful? well i wont say that if i were u.
Dwai: thanx a ton buddy. i think i must take ur indirect suggestion seriously :-)vat say?
Adi: acha... is it so? may be but that happens with every written word one comes across...
Prashant: thanx. long time,no see? where have u been?
Shruti: thanx dear n welcome to the world of insanity.
Prof: Thanx a lot for the appreciation but may i know who r u?
Endevourme: Thanx a lot but this is an outcome not of an open mind but a traaped,confused,irritated n multiple mind...

Sugarlips said...

Deepti kitni tareef kar wao gi sweeto? ;) I really like your writing style na :)
Hugs and lots of love!

Stay Beautiful...!!

dwaipayan said...

not a bad idea dee... that would means more our of togetherness for you and him

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