Friday, November 30, 2007


Earth lies looking at the blushing sky,
With evening kisses floating around,
The sun slowly setting inch by inch,
Beneath the grey twilight,
Till it suddenly disappears;

Gazing at the sinking warmth,
Wrapping the receding light around,
Watching the birds go behind the leaves,
Lamp by lamp ignited in the minds,
Till the glow reaches the sky,

Fireflies buzzing with their lights,
Crickets singing lullabies,
The moths fly up to my faint candle,
Crackling with life,
Till the wings fall dead;

The air thick with the smell of falling night,
The scent of a presence embraces,
The proximity of some thoughts beside,
Music of a distant flute materialize,
Till the trance reaches the soul;

The dark waters will beckon Radha,
The peacock feather will call her again,
And lonely bank of Yamuna will recite,
Sacred song of the Raas leela,
To the Gopi who sits there every night.


adi said...

He is of her, as much as of Radha, 'cos she is the one, what Radha is...

DreamCatcher said...

Dee u r amazing as always..

seems i have forgotten poetry...:(

Jeevy said...

omg! this is really beautiful deepti! :)
i'm comin here after a long time nd im glad to read this! :)

peace & love

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