Saturday, November 03, 2007


The frozen fire held,
In the cold gaze,
Tries to pierce through, and;
Look beyond the face,
Look beneath the face,
Look between the face,
Look against the face,
Look through the face,
Look at the face,
And tear it in the end,
To look at me, instead of the face.
To find, yet another face.


adi said...

starts with dee, ends with dee, but somehow in totality, it is me, for me and yes, by me.
how self-centered can i get :)
brilliant, as always.

Aditi said...

very interesting idea...

vebhuti said...

we are never one unified self sweetheart...masks and faces. modernist.but me likes a lot. lovely picture too.

Shubhajit said...

what a deep provocative lines..what should i say, i am getting ideas to write something on that..

we can be unified if we self centered...don't misinterpret me by the word self centered as i want to say that we should always look inward then only we can get rid of all our masks and do good for others without any ulterior motives.

I am Sorry!

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