Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"medias res"

Too bored to stay within,
Too tired of staying without,
Up and down the stairs I go.

The cushions too soft,
The pebbles too hard;
The ceiling too low,
The sky too far;
The rooms too constrained,
The grounds too vast;
The noises muted,
The music jars;
The coldness suffocating,
The warmth harsh;
The stagnation a whirlpool,
The movement a marsh;

This is all I do; this is all I know;
Up and down the stairs I go.


adi said...

m i honored to comment first :)

vulnerable moments,

when the warmth becomes harsh, and the movements remind one of marsh...

haunting, thought provoking imagery. beautiful words, as always.

The Lover said...

wonderfully expressed~~

Arti Honrao said...


You know what! While trying to write something I mentally go up and down the stairs several times :)

Hope you are doing good.


DreamCatcher said...

yet again u capture my mind:) u have been amazing n still u amaze me :)

vebhuti said...

interesting...brilliant collection of images... existential to say the least. snap out of crisis darling...please...mwaah.love you.

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