Friday, November 30, 2007


Tere rang rachi
Tere sang rachi,
Tere naam rachi,
Tere maan rachi,

Pal-pal mai pisi,
Har pal mai dhuli,
Tere haath pe kesar,
Si gaadh rachi,

Saari raat ghuli,
Fir subha khili,
Tere mathe tilak,
Ki chaap rachi,

Teri saans basi,
Tere sath chali,
Tere aangan, ban
Rangoli rachi.

Ye mehndi meri,
Saanwariya teri,
Hatheli meri,
Rekha teri rachi.


Anonymous said...

yes, it is true. it is ur colors that have filled the lines of his destiny, to the core of his heart, to the pores of his soul.


and yes, the picture made me smile.
a lot.

- the wizard

vebhuti said...

Wow!!!beautiful...i love this one Dee... there's a simplicity and an elegance to it. you've taken something ritualistic, very feminine in certain ways and worked wonders wth usual i prefer the hindi idiom with your poetry...

DreamCatcher said...

teri mehndi..ek rang ki khwahish thi kahi

un lakiron ko saja kar kinhi galiyon mein khushboo ke sang basi kahi

kehti hai mehndi rang lal..tere pyar ki nishani hai
ek saath ek saas ki nishani hai..

par ye rang lal meri lafzo ke dard saramaya ban meri dhadkan mein rota hai yahi...

missing something toda..

btw that ambigram is done by my friend..i guess u can ask him to do that.. he is gr8 person..
jst leave a comment on his blog

How do we know said...

cho chweet!!

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