Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mind; In search of a new Kohinoor!

Taking a metal wire,

I started forming,

Concentric loops,

Circles that merged,

Dangling away,

The morbidity of stagnation;

Loops, coated afresh with thoughts,

Takes off,

To unknown territories,

Lifting me high up from the ground,

But holds something back,

In the various interlocks;

Time and again,

The very height becomes an abyss;

And I am back to where I was,

The coarse ore,

But I feel at home...

Mining throygh sands,

In search of, A new Kohinoor...


dwaipayan said...

keep searching!!! the day the search ends, life will start searching for something new. because without a thing to look for, can we live??

deepti said...

Dwai: Hmmmm, well said buddy... I agree completely...

i_am_not_myself said... a kohinoor that smells green,

gleams clean of green,

sea's aquamrine-green's green sheen,

like snow on thoughts it cleans and beans,

the beans which had been seen to mean,

the mean of the evergreen...

concentric spirals

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