Monday, May 21, 2007


The memories crashed on her heart,
Percolating down, the sandy beach;
Sliding inside the caves,
Comfortably accommodating themselves,
As dead shells,
Slimy weeds,
Disjointed skeleton of a crab,
Broken pieces of stones,
Drifting wrecks,
She sat there watching the sunset,
Watching the disappearing rays,
Watching the skies put on a blanket,
Watching the birds sing goodnight,
And there was a flash…
A shooting star…
She wished for the morning;
The waves crashed and crashed,
But not on her heart anymore;
Not bringing any shells and skeleton,
Not staying back on the rocks,
Just, flashing the moon,
Flashing the sun…


Aditi said...

beautifully written i could visualise it

Rajeev said...

simply wow!

peace & love

adi said...

if i do have to comment, as agreed upon, i wud only say its not of her that u see, its more of u that u depict in these lines, and... somehow, she will have to search for her life amongst those wrecks...till the time she conjures up a wizard of her own...

This girl is said...

your pic is nice yaar....sorry...just peeped in to look...nice blog...small posts but big it yaar

.....abt ur is like a wave yaar...if we feel its hard then it breaks u down...

bye & take care

Cuckoo said...

That is a nice one Deepti.

Ramakant Gaur said...

VIYOGI hoga pehla kavi, aahh se upja hoga gaan.

Ur poetry articulates the impeccable state of ur creations. I admire the same.

Keshi said...

wow so beautiful TY!

Kind of reflects my current mood...


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