Saturday, March 03, 2007


Like the earthworms,
Wriggling out of the ground,
When it rains.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the spider,
Spining a web,on and on,
Suspending the self.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the hawk,
Steadily stalking the prey,
Soaring high in the sky.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

Like the caterpillars,
Metamorphosising into cocoons,
The tender cover produces colours.
Ensuring survival is a game of hhide and seek.

Like the insects,
Camouflaging into the world,
Decieving the danger,securing strife.
Ensuring survival is a game of hide and seek.

And now the most important part of the post.
A very happy holi to every body =) Celebrating love with colours.Hmmm... All the reasons to feel happy. May all the readers be painted in different hues of love.


adi said...

what about the mind weaving webs out of nothing and spinning threads of words to hang on and despairingly failing in its own devices...what does it seek and where does it hides...

deepti said...

vat u call a failure might not be a failure at all...
U hide from vat u detest n u seek vat u want to be.
So ven one device fails all u need to do is seek another device. Its not u who is hiding anymore but the thing u r to seek n which would fill up the rest of the voids around.

Aditi said...

happy holi!!

Sugarlips said...

Happy Holi and basant to both of you :) they are my fav. festivals besides Eids :) I love the bright hues sprinkled everywhere :)
May God always shower the colors of love on you :) Have fun with your sweetheart and take lots of pics :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Nabeel said...

hmm i like it, a different poem .. about well many just write for care and love. Spiders have a hide and seek game too? I dunno .. they are pretty visible.

Sophie said...

how evocative - "hues of love"

i just adore that -

like an aura - some people can see
aura's - and i wonder what the
aura would be for love...

Happy Holi - if i could, i would
color each letter different for you - i wish comments could
be colorful -

but your poem is curious and

hugs to you and your prince on

Prashant said...

No hide and seek ..Survival is a game of Love and Peace.. :-)


Random said...

another astounding poem. i hope u had a good holi.

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