Monday, October 15, 2007

I know therefore I am.

it was by a magnetic pull,

an age long forgotten melody being played,

an eternal dance being danced,

a being that slowly emerged,

and that was,



dharmabum said...

oh how illusive it can get - the feeling of 'me' :)

adi said...

and a being that has brought others into being? or will bring? or, "na kuch tha to main tha..."

The Lover said...


Cuckoo said...

A sequel to the previous one ?

Aditi said...

hmm is the blog to be resurrectd too?

Anonymous said...

Thank God [:)]

mithrandhir said...

D dumadum!!:D
born out of the misty hallows of times.... do u really need ressurection?

oh nd ps, change ur font colour... its not readable...

concentric spirals

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