Sunday, June 24, 2007


A blooming bud, the petals unfurling;
The awakening rays shimmering,
On the delicate dew drops;
The soft chirruping, the lazy flutter,
The blue streaked with a blush,
Smiling shyly…


ss said...


adi said...

the first reaction was, yes, this is like me, this is joy and a smile brightened my face... think something written like that on delhidreams.... and it's a joy to wake up every morning with ur name enveloping my conciousness :)
i dee u

Keshi said...



Ceruleus said...

nice :)

Madelyn said...

I know that feeling - the "blush"
when you are loved so completely:)

I love how you and Adi ignite
one another's gifts:)

Oh - I adore that stunning


Aditi said...

beautiful words

Dream catcher said...

nice..again something like i was scribbling day before yest in my notepad..

its really great..part-2???

bluebug says said...

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Pankaj Gupta said...

The awakening rays shimmering
Smiling shyly..

ok i enjyd the pic too deepti.....hw r u?

I am Sorry!

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