Friday, April 20, 2007

Assorted chocolates...

Tensed tears and nervous faith,
Downcast heart recieves,
A shower of love at the metro station;
The moments melt inside my mouth.

A bewildered mind calmed down,
By delightful smiles and hearty laughs,
At the roadside Banta wala outside faculty,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

Doubts wiped out by affection and care,
A few words enveleoped,
In the close comfort of home,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

A severe headache,A lethargy,
Work seeped in boredom,
Scented by a desire for completion,
The moments melt inside my mouth.

Assorted chocolates was what i had,
As food for soul on menu today.
Moments melting inside my mouth,
A treat for senses any day.


A dark,delecious ,Pure Adi bar.
Minty Anu and virein.
Crackling Charu and Dev.
Caramelled Nidhi(sis) and Megha.
Perky Niharika N Swati n Dhananjay(bro).
Eclairy Gautam n Sachin.
Sweet Shubendu and shri cadbury like.
N molten me...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The forehead Kiss...

Vulnerable of doubts,
Afraid of the self,
With my leaden footsteps,
Towards an unknown sea,
I felt i would drown,
When you came an anchored me,
With that forehead Kiss.
Making it easier for me to hold on,
While the storm raged around me,
I calmed down,
The ship is damaged a little,
But you kept me stead fast,
The storm is past,
And i shall sail across,
Till the end...

I would call it the "kiss of Faith" which will help the heart to hold on to you for tommorow is going to be beautiful.

Celebrating Love


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