Thursday, May 22, 2008

The holy trinity.

With tatters on, he walks,
Sifting the garbage,
That was discarded yesterday,
Joining the broken bricks,
Collecting the wasted wishes,
Gathering the muddy mortar,
Stuffing in the mildewed dreams,
There’s no ground beneath the feet,
Some rubble from the blast,
The three stand as one,
The future present in past.


adi said...

have i heard that before?
interesting, the future, the past and the present all mingling into one at a single moment

Phoenix said...

Love the last line. Such a powerful idea!

adi said...

never before a header pic been so apt for your blog...
love ya

vebhuti said...

very very interesting. I like the fact that the man is sifting through rubble, the shiftiness, the dissolving lines... good.

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