Wednesday, April 22, 2009

midnight dawn

the shadow of the glittering light
a passing whim, a sniffle slight
drapes the sea goes back to yearn
the sultry moment on waves to burn
the incense dark with vapors cold
to weave dew drops in a goblet gold
the ether melts the fires moan
melody entrapped in voids forlorn
brought back to play by the shadow bright
the shadow of the glittering light
as it flows from the golden urn
the burning silver of the sun


human being said...

a passing moment that sometimes takes a lifetime...

and how beautifully you've captured it in your poem...

so happy you're back...

distantcords said...

y i have a feeling that still we write about same kinda stuff.. n still on same plane :P

how have u been friend?

Gillian said...

This is lovely!!

Mampi said...

moaning fires....
an image beyond comprehension, yet so great.

Mampi said...

where are you????????????????

concentric spirals

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