Saturday, July 04, 2009


through the fissures I guide
the humble breaths in
in inside of me
to the dry most core
of my parched self
sucking in some fresh death
laden with the moist tears
and strands of a few succulent dreams
flesh white with life
eyes oozing blood
till death holds on
I shall not give up.


ani_aset said...

Oh my god...thankfully there is still some hope..very well written

Mampi said...

Something resonates inside me.

adee said...

till there is hope
i am

Nikki said...

It is an interesting image that you paint here, with your words!

oceanic mirages said...

ani: what is hope?

mampi: :-)some part of me and some part of you that is not there.

adee : u better be there else...

nikki: thank you.

ani_aset said...

"I shall not give up."<-----

I found hope :D

With Malice said...

gud...u must not give up

I am Sorry!

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