Thursday, October 23, 2008


I lay listening to my world mourn,
Celebrations flamboyant while the sun shone.

Dark my color, darkness my name,
From Dreary hopes have I overgrown,

My silence makes each listen and lament
Every pain I hear cry out and moan.

For you the varied noises shall purge,
Let dawn be queen, let me be a drone.

Surrendering to a mild dementia,
You seek for me unknowing, unknown.

Your eyes tight shut in my presence
I simmer “Mirage” within, forlorn.


Mampi said...

'Dark My color' reminds me of a stanza from Abida's qafi on my blog-"Mainda ishq wi tu."

human being said...
and between these two?
oh... i believe in fuzzy logic... it helps me to be more happy...

your words cut deep... the last two lines are like a blow...
love when i'm moved... when i'm forced to think...

human being said...

BTW, the header picture is stunning...


happy Diwali my dear Indian friend...

dharmabum said...

"dark my colour, darkness my name"

i could identify so much with this. parts of it atleast.

adi said...

somewhere sometimes in ur poems, a single line comes along that alights the mind in a never before way. it keeps ringing inside the cranium for so long that it becomes part of the being.

for example, 'how far can blinded eyes see' or 'tujhse na ho baat, phir lafjon ka kya kije' or 'nothing never stops' and 'lehron pe kiron ne sapne sajaye hain' or 'ya woh ghazal - tanha hai mazaron ki tarah' or the new one 'ye andhera hi to hai chupa, roshni ke libaas mein' :) i thnk these examples are enough.

okay the point was, that ur this line 'dark my clor, darkness my name' is amongst these few now. it just keeps itself alive inside me, somewhere, somehow.

and this is not my original comment. bhool gaya pehle kya kaha tha.

Cynthia said...

Oh, the intense pleasure of melancholy angst - love.

concentric spirals

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