Saturday, October 18, 2008


उफ़… कितना शोर है यहाँ, सन्नाटे की आवाज़ में,
बेसब्र दौड़ती मंजिलें, पनाह की तलाश में.

इसे आँख का सुरमा कहिये, ये खौफ जो है आँख में,
ये अँधेरा ही तो है छुपा जो रौशनी के लिबास में.

कुछ खो गया था रात दिन जिसे ढूँढा हमने ख्वाब में,

कुछ आरजू में गिन लिया कुछ चाहत के हिसाब में,

जो कल गया वो आज था, जो आज कल के साथ है,
गुजारिश गुलिस्तान की है जो खिल उठे इस ख़ाक में.

An attempt at the translation...(bad though)

Clamour encompassed in silence here,
Destinations are seeking refuge here,

Call my fear the kohl of my eyes,
Night comes draped in light here,

I searched my dreams for things I lost,
Few put in longings, few in desires here,

Yesterday what went was today, my now is lost in yesterday,
I hope for Eden to revive itself, from this debris lying


Raviratlami said...

"...उफ़… कितना शोर है यहाँ, सन्नाटे की आवाज़ में,..."

सटीक बात कही है आपने. तो, आदमी जाए तो जाए कहां? शोर में शांति नहीं, सन्नाटे में शोर... जीवन वाकई मुश्किल हो गया है.

Mampi said...

Wow, Amazing as usual. and the change was so refreshing.

May I suggest that when you write in Devnagri script, do pay attention to the difference between j and z; kh and khh; g and ghh; ( i dont know if i am clear enough ) It matters a lot in the genre that you now want to write in.
Simply mesmerizing ... write more in this script.

oceanic mirages said...

ravi ji: aadmi ko kahin jana nahi hai, yahin rehna hai, apne banaye hue sach k saath, fir chahe wo sach kitna hi jhootha kyon na ho...

Mampi: hiiiiiiiiii, thank you. will try to keep track but m very bad with this, trust me, technology and me dont go together.

soulbrush said...

you haven't been around for a while, hope all is fine,,,loveky image...soothing too.

How do we know said...

ye bahut hi umda hai!! Adi ka rang bhi chadta dikhe hai.. :-)

human being said...

amazing poem... the sounds echo the thoughts too...

loved the way /k/ and /s/ were juxtaposed... clamor vs. silence

just with hope and in hope we walk through this debris...

nihar said...

hi di
nice kavita,,,

Dr. Jay SW said...

What a ghostly photo...and hoping for Eden to revive isn't that just the human condition? Beautiful stuff--I wish I were able to read it in its original language....

anu1985 said...

sister, i still think you do much better infact wonders with your hindi poetry.try to evolve there have it in you and so does your and mine lve, adi..
love to both of you..very nice attempt!! am so very proud of you!!

adi said...

write more in hindi please
baki jo kehna tha, woh main pichli comment mein keh chuka hoon. this is again one of the few cherished ones, shadows existing in the shadow of light?

I am Sorry!

Koi kissa kahani nahi kehna chahti, Roohein roz bikti hain yahan, Aur humne outraged ho kar khoob dekhein hain tamashe yun hi. Mai...