Saturday, January 10, 2009


समय के झड़ते फूलों की
कुछ एक पंखुडी
रख ही लेनी चाहिए
संभाल के
कभी कभी बसंत
बोहत देर से आता है.

An attempt at translation,

from the falling flowers of time,
some petals shoul be kept,
as souveniers,
at times spring,
arrives very late.

For all the time i have not been here i just want to say i missed it very much but circumstances kept me away. hope to be present.


chunky said...

very beautiful!!!!

The Lover said...

lovely thoughts there..

Mampi said...

Very beautifully penned, as always.
Something new,
something very touching...

shadows said...

tu pitegi mere haatho agar tune fir aise gande translations kiye toh

adi said...

kabhi kabhi basant aata hi nahi
badi der tak intezaar karne ke baad
jab samay ke jhadte phoolon ki pankhudiyan sookh ke bikhar jaati hain
main apni yaadon ke jharokhe mein baitha
tere aane ka intejaar karta hoon

Madiha Nasir said...

I cannot read hindi, but would love to read it.:)

DIALECT. left to time, it withered, like a dead corpse hung from wall, after the sentence. no poems to defend, no stories to tell, n...