Monday, February 08, 2010

of unspoken promises

little white threads dangling from the moon
lighted feathers of snow


slowly, softly

leaning from my window

i see a little child


a reversible piece of cloth
a spread and a shroud

from the light feathers

falling in a pool of light

to drape the night

with the fireflies

fluttering with the eyelids


to be born


adee said...

will not comment on the piece as such, kyunki we've discussed it already thru sms and m sure will discuss again wen u call next time :)

apart from that, i wud only like to say, that ur poetry has always had that sense of dualism inherent. u r never black and white, yin or yang... u r always black and white, yin and yang, joy and sorrow, light and darkness...spread and shroud, mirage and cloud...

With Malice said...

nice imagery D...
keep it up...

How do we know said...

in my book.. this is pure genius!! its a pleasure to read poetry like this.. u and adee compliment each other soo perfectly!

ani_aset said...

I thought i got it the first time around, but such deep thoughts of weaving the hope with sadness, its just lovely

oceanic mirages said...

adee: yes my dear.and m flattered by ur complements;)
with malice:- thanks
howdy:- thanks a ( u can.
ani:- thanks a ton...i thinks sadness and hope go cant really separate them no matter what.

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