Monday, February 22, 2010

sonnet 1

ever so slowly the darkness swells
each new breath and each new beat
the unknown rythm fill the veins
pulsating within a music sweet

desires melt,needs usurp
as light falls and fades into heat
unmatched battles in heavens lead
to neither victory nor defeat

i know not my place,my station here
yet i melt the heavens to meet
the dark swell on the bosom,my earth
while,i,wait in voids to greet

ethereal vision,eternal union
the cosmic dance of the battle in retreat


ani_aset said...

superb lines mate..especially the end

adee said...

ever so slowly the words melt
the thought becomes an abyss sweet
with papered wings, i leap from the edge
to a fire aglow and no retreat

u make me write what i don't want to write, u make me think what i don't want to think, u kill me with ur words, and i love u for this...

Abhishek Kumar Dubey said...

i went through most of ur can u write some thing like this? I loved all of them.

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