Tuesday, June 24, 2008

तेरी सुबह मेरी रात !

एक बूँद धूप की,
एक बूँद छाँव की,
रात की हांडी में,
सुबह की गरमाई की,
खुशबु .

एक टुकडा आकाश का,
एक टुकडा ज़मीन का,
रात के तंदूर में,
सुबह के कोयले का,
ताप .

एक टुकडा चाँद का,
एक बूँद तकदीर की,
रात के सितार में,
सुबह के संगीत की,

एक हिस्सा बादल का,
एक हिस्सा शरीर का,
रात के प्याले में,
सुबह की झील का,

एक आंच ख्वाइश की,
एक आंच आज़माइश की,
रात क सांचे में,
सुबह के भगवान् सा,


Cuckoo said...

It beats me as how you can write amazing stuff every time. Every single time.

Ok, I am quiet now.


S.M.A.R.T said...

You've written really well...loved the imagery behind the words!

K.C. said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your kind words to me.

I went a little farther than I inteded to in my last post. Thank you for sticking in there with me on that one... Kayce

The Lover said...

I usually don't like to read hindi poetry but this was really good! keep it up!

Phoenix said...

Awesome, totally. love it.

adi said...

there is poetry here, no doubt. and very beautiful too, as always.
but somehow this is not as fluid as ur other hindi poems. when u write in hindi, its always out of this world. perhaps this is more of your westernized hindi poem?

oceanic mirages said...

cuckoo: oye, mujhe chane k jhaad par mat chada... ;-)

s.m.a.r.t: dhanyawad...

Kc: any time ma,am.

the lover: thanx :-)


adi: :-) may be u r right buddy...
but nt really.may be thgis one is poem that i thought abt b4 writing n ven i write in hindio genrally i think after i have written it.

Manpreet said...

Beautiful Poem.

C R D said...

lovely poem yaar. loved it.

just like to mention that blogger behaves weirdly sometimes, and the hindi script shows weird spellings, which drowns out the essence of ther poem. i used to face the same problem with my hindi posts. so i started posting in hindi as well as english script.

keep writing
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Nabeel said...

reminds me of superman in his ice cave

vebhuti said...

i like. really. is all.

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