Thursday, June 05, 2008

Of man's first disobedience!

Boiling, blistering, simmering, sweltering
They scald the insides of my body.
No muscle, no bone,
Squirming, surrendering,
Imbibing more and more,
Seeking still more,
Watching the desires,
Turning into needs,
A sculpture, a piece of rock,
Burning inside,
On Infinite pyres of thoughts.
From times unknown,
Every now and then,
Through the dark crevices,
Spurts and slithers,
My sins,
My words.


Nabeel said...

reading the title, Adam and Eve came to my mind

adi said...

a shadow existing in the shadow of night
as dark, as it is bright
my words are my sins
my verse, a veneration
as i come to life

human being said...

i love the archetypal undertone in your poems... in this one, too... giving a universal perspective to your emotions...

i relate to this much... very interesting both of us were preoccupied with words... even the way we saw them (or the poet), i.e. a work of sculpture...

the way 'I' stands alone in one line in the middle of the poem between the two worlds... the two 'horns of the bull' ... is very expressive...

you could beautifully illustrate the chaos within the poet's mind which eventually lends itself to a beautiful shape...a sculpture.

and relating the words to the original sin... that stage of gaining consciousness and awareness... is fabulous...

really enjoyed it...

Manpreet said...

A subtle thought - of Man's first disobedience, and of a life he chose to live. I like the 'hot' imagery. 'Hot' is actually a mild word for these words.

Phoenix said...

scared me, somewhat.

S.M.A.R.T said...

First visit to your blog. Came over from Manpreet's. Really intense poem! Loved the way you use words to build this really powerful imagery... Will visit again!

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