Monday, June 16, 2008

The inevitable loss!

On stones, and caves
In clouds in waves,
On the walls, on trees,
In raindrops, in breeze,
On seals and clay plates,
In stars and fates,
On sheaves and barks,
On fabric, in art.
They wrote and wrote,
And stored and stored,
And saved and saved,
From dangers untold.

On paper in ink,
In photos, in print,
Histories, biographies,
Fantasy and mysteries,
Volumes and volumes,
Of ideas and feelings,
From floor till the ceiling,
The anxiety to preserve,
Against amnesia reserve,
The demented thoughts.
Those exist not.


Cuckoo said...


Dee, I really loved this one. Very simple words but so meaningful.

God bless you both.


oceanic mirages said...

thanx cukoo :-)
long time no see...

Manpreet said...

Your poetry has a great music despite exuding the truth about 'what is not' or 'what is no more'. The beat in the words, the rhythm - I am simply awed by it.

Phoenix said...

Inevitable, and perhaps, a worthy loss. Not everything should be preserved from the decay of time.

adi said...

u so revile our creed
but then, i love that too

Manpreet said...

I left a comment here on this poem... seems it got lost.
And I m done with the translation of my punjabi poem. Hope it is not pathetic.

Manpreet said...

Translated the 'SACH/TRUTH' POEM for you to read.

oceanic mirages said...

manpreet: thanx dear, will soon come over n read that one.

smart: thanx for your visit. hope to c u soon

adi: hmmm, do i really revile?

adi said...

yes, u do
but then u make us revel too

human being said...

both the theme and the form...
loved the way a chain of words built that image of accumulation
and a good criticism
some poets or writers seek the 'volumes' to be eternalized
some just need to get rid of all those images and emotions seething in their souls...

really enjoyed reading the honest cries of you beautiful soul

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