Thursday, August 21, 2008


They stay suspended in reality,
Hanging down from the lush gardens,
Of green words with ripened fruits,
They grow on huge trees, ages old,
Long, thick, off shoots of language,
With heaving tentacles that,
Penetrate back into the earth,
Be one with the soil,
In the embrace of the roots,
To rise up all over again,
Undaunted yet again,
With new flowers,
Fragrance, Which rises and grows within,
Till all the senses are intoxicated.
To gather the world and ignite life.


Mampi said...

Beautifully put, great images.
For once, I am glad it is not about acids and torture.
It was rather very relaxed in its tone.

adi said...

i love mampi's comment ;)

anyways, the response to it has been posted 'untitled' at my blog.

hope u'll like it.


Dr. Jay SW said...

Hmmmm...the blue woods and dreams growing upwards while penetrating beneath...the fragrance makes me think of Walt Whitman intoxicated by the air...beautiful....

shex said...

yes they always stay suspended in the reality. dreaming about dreams a novel concept by the self proclaimed romanticists
"In the embrace of the roots,
To rise up all over again,"

aah be realistic :P

Phoenix said...

Somehow, this post sounds as if you want those dreams to die, and not be reborn?

oceanic mirages said...

Mampi: glad u liked it... i really wait for ur comments.

Adi: yeah rt.

Dr.jay: thank you for the visit.

Shex: reality is that we all dream, no matter hw unwanted, unsolicited, unrequited they arrive, they do, and this is what reality is that i got to do what ever i can to make my reality better than what it is? u hav all the rts to disagree though.

Phoenix: nothing takes rebirth until it dies, we all need cleansing, change is the principle of life and once dead,we know we are goin to come back, the fight isnt over yet, who seeks SALVATION?

human being said...

"To rise up all over again"

hmmm... i love this dominant image of return...
or whatever...

love to dream...when i can face the truth...

great work...

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