Wednesday, August 27, 2008


They slowly creep into my home,
Settling behind the shadows high,
In the forsaken corners,
And solitary spaces,
Sighing sundered,


surjit said...

Wonderful image of 'forlorn love:
'Sighing sundered,

oceanic mirages said...

Surjit: thanx for ur visit. no it is not an image of forlorn love but something beyond that, where there is nothing, and where there will be nothing. nothing at all.

Mampi said...

You know what OcMi ( I dont know whether you like this name or not, I love to call you OcMi), these silences are what translate into these creative moments. I would call them 'splendid'.

surjit said...

Oh!!! Thanks Oceanic Mirages, for corecting me.Your poem is wonderful one.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

S.M.A.R.T said...

Please visit my blog, you have an award waiting :-)

oceanic mirages said...

mampi: :-)i like the name.
s.m.a.r.t: really? wow... o.kkkk.
thank you.

adi said...

u know what, what u write needs not to be understood, or applauded or celebrated...all one needs to do is to feel what you write, and noting else.
and that is the most difficult thing to do in life, to feel what the other is feeling, going through.

i've read these words many times in the past few days. but it is only now that i fully realised what they meant.
cos i felt them within myself. only now.

those silences that come unwanted in my life and settle down with a sigh, never to go wandering again.

i wish u luck OM. and i give u all the love i have.


oceanic mirages said...

adi: amen.

human being said...

wow you've beautifully created the atmosphere...ssssss

i see a person here suffering deeply but silent in his/her daily routine life...
nevertheless, all silences break in a way...

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