Friday, August 01, 2008

the third world

comma full stop exclamation question mark
visible blank spaces invisible dark places
the alphabet collapses the lines don’t meet
the word blurs on the wet canvas sheet
the lines break off and fall apart
the song is stopped as soon as it starts
they write and sing and they know it not
the Muse is dead the melody lost
no prayers or lamentations heard
no one waits anymore for Noah’s bird


adi said...

first, for the structure, the first line sets a pace, as if everything is falling apart till the verse gradually comes to the realization that the muse is dead. and then as if it is actually lost, the second last line is totally out of the meter, and then the last line, with a pause inherent, no one waits anymore *pause* for Noah's bird

second, Noah is only a reminder for that saviour within us, who when everything around us is bleak and lost, comes to the aid, and takes up the cause.

third, i think dee, that after what we've been through in the past month, we will never wait for any redeeming figure from outside. we know that what is needed to sail through is within us. neither the muse will be dead, nor there will be a need for prayers and lamentations to be heard.

u've given me the answer i'd been waiting to form into words since the m. ed. interview. thanks won't do here, what a hug will do.


human being said...

just this morning i was reminded of you.. and thought how i missed your poems...
and now...

when you see what you've felt so deeply in your soul is retold dramatically and strongly through an amazing poem, you just read it a hundred times... with your hands in' namaste'...

OM, its more than poetry... it's life

Mampi said...

...But hope still survives...

An update long awaited but really worth waiting for.

Have blogrolled you.

dwaipayan said...

dee...... i came to your blog after a long time.. and it seems soemhow it has changed... r u ok??

anu1985 said...

actually a good attempt as an reflection to what are city might have been going through at that time..

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