Monday, August 04, 2008


While living the lines,
In mind, through mind;
I wander far away,
Slowly I draw this,
Magical power of apparition,
Fused with multiple identities,
I cry, smile and breathe
The air that whips the images,
While the feelings bleed,
Tears purgate my aimless efforts,
Of creating a line;
Or being created as a line;
Celebrating the protagonist.

I close the pages,
I come back,
And go on about my endless chores,
Struggling for life;
Struggling against life;
Apparitions suddenly coming to life;
In faces I meet on way to work,
Lines that ooze lives in my ears,
Over the endless phone calls;
When I close my eyes and sit back,
To let the mind untangle a bit,
A question whirls around,
Who is not a protagonist?


adi said...

benumbed by all thats happening around me, all i can say is that its a feeling that i've felt myself, u strike a chord somewhere deep down within, but as of now, i've no expressions apart from this.
i know u understand.

Mampi said...

Yeah, Everyone is... a protagonist or at best an antagonist.

human being said...

some write poetry
some read poetry
and some ARE poetry...

whenever i read your poems i feel how all your moments are brimming with poetry... even when you are after your seemingly non-poetic chores...

this one is a good example...
really loved it...
hope more people could see these parallels...

love to you, Dee...

Arti Honrao said...

Just ... WOW!


shadows said...

somewhr down the line i dont like reading your poems.. its brings about a lil more introspection and sadness than i would want in my life... they are emotions, not long lasting feelings so dont think i will stop listening to them or reading them, its weird when i read them i feel i need to hear them from u,and vice versa..

it was amazing as usual... but what i cant figure out is why this pain remains in you... u know i always felt love takes that pain away.. atleast till the love lasts... thr remains that one feeling....
adi, that does not give you the liscence to be cheezy always though... you can go back to being the old adi with ur new found love... may it remain new for u... and deepti...may it bring about that joy that seeps into those cracks and fills them up...

shadows said...

i forgot to add....
may it fill it up completely.. i guess i would want to read something cheezy from u someday... :)
and sweety tujhse milke tujhe pakana hai... sorry about the other day.. i had a meeting :(

oceanic mirages said...

well the pain always stays my dear, always and i would nvr escape frm either admitting it or facing it, for me my love has made it possible for me to handle it, to bear it, to conquer it one day.
safar kitna hi mushkil ho, kisi k sath se mushkil khatm nahi aasaan ho jati hain my love.
to think that thay would disappear is an illusion and when it brks it hurts even more...

concentric spirals

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