Friday, December 08, 2006


My day starts with you;
In my dreams that strech,
From the skies to the seas,
The horizon comes alive,
In these two small eyes,
Which I had closed last night,
With your images dancing;
The whole stage of my conciousness,
Lit by your thoughts;
Where the feelings flow restlessly
I gather them together, rolling the yarn,
And throughout the night,
I knit new worlds,
While this world is asleep,
I hold on to the threads of desires,
And leap from one consiousness to the other,
Travelling in the unknown space,
Till the time I reach the other end,
Where I melt into you;
And this world comes alive,
The sparks all pink shimmering around,
Embracing the sky,
Caressing the waves,
Kissing the moon;
The Sun comes up,
Coz we met yester night...


adi said...

at 7:30 am, the sun comes up with an sms, almost everyday :) hmmm

dwaipayan said...

sorry my friend...I really want to read ur poems.. but this heart is still not fit to read love still hurts......sorry.......
hope I'll be forgiven

Anonymous said...

Travelling in the unknown space,
Till the time I reach the other end,
Where I melt into you...

This is so divine Deepti...I grope for right words to appreciate your poem but can't find any...
Love is a beautiful emotion...Insan ko zindagi mai aik dafa piyar zaroor karna chayee :)
I'm a incurable romantic ;)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

oh man .. i agree with almost all the lines .. my day starts the same way .. wake up and the first thing i think about is her .. or her face appears in my eyes ..

And i think u say the same thing .. her image dancing .. yupp ..

awww @ melt into you .. like one metls in someone's embrace ..

beautifully written ..
aanhaan @ sugarlips .. incurable romantic .. smooch smooch .. kisses for you. Awww i love it when u write stuff in urdu .. and I think we both can relate to what she has written :)

dwaipayan said...

now I read this.. and I must say.....u are wonderful!!

deepti said...

adi:k dude...
dwaipayan: u call me ur friend n then u say sorry, nt fair. i'll slap u ven v meet, which i hope we will sumtime soon if u said sorry again... The sun will shine will.

deepti said...

sugarlips: thanx again bt u know vat, aaki tareef k kuch lafzon me bhi itni mohabbat hoti hai ki dil vahi ek nayi kavita bun-na shuru kar deta hai. thanx swts...
Nabeel: hmmm,thanx buddy. I hope these moments always stay with you... take care n be happy...

Anonymous said...

thanks dee... thanks for being there... and I'm afraid that we may not meet in near future... christmas plans got some probs..sir wanna send me somewhere to work..however I'm still praying!!

nihar said...

nice poem di:)

I am Sorry!

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