Saturday, December 16, 2006

India shining(II)

I have written a lot on love n here m back to vat i started long time back; India Shining. This is the second poem in the series. Not that m tired of writing about love but I need to get lot of things out of my system. So here it is...

Through the tattered sunshine and patched warmth;
mb fingers working at the cold fire;
Preserving the wet coal and caked oil;
The dry eyes looking through,
THe broken glasses;
And across the scattered images
A resigned shrivelld up flower looks up;
The fragrance that lies trapped in words,
Carefully merged into blank endless smiles;

The barter between body and soul,
On the red carpet of dreams,
Dilligently, Patiently sifting through the grains of time,
To reach out for crumbs,
That might fill the empty stomach;

And life shimmers;
On the lost tears,
And the empty wait;
Where the moments turn into eternity,
And eternity withdraws into,
An acceptance; An empty Fate...


Anonymous said...

u shud get more things out of ur system...and more frequently :)

-a petty bugular, in awe of the precious jewel he has laid hands upon!!!

nihar said...

amazin di
i'l try to come home:)
luv ya

Anonymous said...

so iam the first one to comment on this one ! but i shall comment on all that i have read so far by you . i love the continual bouts of creativity heaving in you . u write voraciosly , beautifully just keep up i loved yor first poem in particular ! love poems ! nice but too sugary some how perhaps beause i dont like reading love poetry ..perhaps . pyar kadhta hua doodh reminds me of a ghazal by pankaj udhas which i shall discuss when we meet. thats tommorow?.and blogspot accont khol dia he devi ji lol!keep up . words are all we have and all we have is words though they dont convey much! bt lets stick close and tight to words .,, today and forever!love ya.

Keshi said...

u write beautifully!


Prashant said...

No doubt..this is amazing composition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And life shimmers...
On the empty tears...

Bohut bharya :) Lafzon ki khobsorti shayeri mai jan daal daiti hai :)
Keep writing about LOVE - I'm sure no one will ever get tired of your poems...I know for sure about myself :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

very well written .. the broken glasses will give a scattered image type look (if looked through them)

What's this poem about? Are you writing about the poor, the homeless?

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on this post...where did it go? urgh
@ blogger :(

Stay Beautiful...!!

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