Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Jab seher ki surkh chaader odhe,
Sardi ki dhoop tera ehsaas ban kar aaye;
Jab aus ki boondon par nange paaunv,
Saanse, sard dhund ko pighalayen;
Jab dopeher ko baahon me samet kar mai baithun,
Aur baahon me aakar teri yaad simat jaye;
Shaam se haule se teri baat karun aur,
Sharmaa kar, ye din chip jaye;
Saari raat, aansuon se dhula vo aadha chaand,
Hamari mulakaat ke chand lamhe gungunaye;
Tere likhe hue kuch lafz seene se lagaye,
Ye adh jagi raat ek kavita ban jaye...
Hmmm, its raining outside as m sitting in this cafe, near the university, writing abt the few moments that i spend with him n the few moments that stay till I meet him next. Moments that hold life, moments i live. Wish we were together at the moment*sighs* but life never grants all the wishes. I have our love with me as warmth against this winter rain...


Anonymous said...

enjoy every moment u spend together.. arre yaar!!! thank almighty, because you are in love with someone who loves you so much!!!! that's a great miracle which only billions of lucky people can have!!!

kyun uski yaad aabhi muje satati hain yaar???

Anonymous said...


the wizard has no words again...


sambhal ke, nazar na lag jaye kahin!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!

deepti said...

Anon: nazar nahi lagegi... meri aankho se kajal nikal kar kaala teeka lagaungi...

sophie said...

I am so happy to find your
blog and shall leave comments here-
I love how his love for you makes
poetry of every little moment -
of all things actually-
even your beautiful eyelashes!

the rain enchants me and to
have someone love you in the
rain is beautiful and fills you

very lovely way with words you


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awww this is beautiful.
I love rain & cafe's too:)
Khobsurat lamhay jaldi guzar
jatay hain :)
Its feels nice to see ppl in love :)
I have been commenting on ur older posts but how come there are no comments?

Stay Beautiful...!!

nihar said...

hmmmmmmmm,kya baat hai di
i swear us din to sahi mein itna romantic tha,aur hum dono ki ek si halat ho rahi thi,missing sumone,chalo phir wahi bahare ayengi,aur tab woh apke sath honge,
luv ya di,missin ya:)

Anonymous said...



adi said...

naya saal mubarak ho mohtarma

dwaipayan said...

btw, pata nahi kaise ye hua..but the anon 1 is me...:)

Sugarlips said...

Deepti where have u been girl I hope things are ok at ur end :)
I was having trouble with your blog & my comments came as anonymous probably beta is in trouble :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

deepti said...

Sugarlips: sorry to keep u worried form so long. was felt like staying away frm d comp 4 a while... sorry. missed u.
Dwai: its o.k..relax.
Adi: same to u swtheart.

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